Yen Magazine + Makers Society = 2 free tickets to Brekkie & Blooms!

Yen Magazine + Makers Society = 2 free tickets to Brekkie & Blooms!featured

Winner winner, chicken dinner! That’s what they’ll shout as you claim those 2 tickets to Brekkie & Blooms Mother’s Day Edition – Or as Erin wanted to call it Brekkie & Blooms II, The Brekkoning.


How you ask? Well it’s pretty simple! Those lovely folks over at Yen are running a little competition. Alls you gots to do is like us on the Facebooks and tell them in 25 words or less “Why do you want to go to Brekkie & Blooms and who would you take with you?” See? Simple!

You only have until May 8th to enter so drop what you are doing and CLICK HERE!!! Unless you’re super wordy and there’s just no way you can consolidate all your feels into 25 words. That you? You should probably buy a ticket. Just sayin’.

Tata, We’re off to the beauty salon!

xx Leesa & Erin

Ps. We’re not really off to the beauty salon. We’re too cheap for that. Now where are my crimping shears?

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