Wishlist: The Green Thumb

Wishlist: The Green Thumbfeatured

Alright, this list is totally not for me. I mean, I wish it was and I love everything on it and perhaps maybe if I got one or two items off here I’d be a better gardener. Really though, I’m the great neglectorino. If you or someone you love is well into the gardening or wants to get better at gardening, this this is the wishlist for you. Could be a really lovely gift idea for those who have just bought their first home and have some seriously landscaping ahead of them!

gift-guide-the-greenthumb1. Nephrolepis Fern 175mm – Hargraves Nursery $19.99
2. Cube Terrarium – West Elm $74 –  124
3. Plant Stand – Mr Kitly $65
4. Gardening Gloves – Hard to Find $39.95
5. Ora Kiely Small Pot – Hard to Find $36.95
6. Heirloom Seed Pack – Little Veggie Patch Co. $15.00
7. The Container Expert – Random House $19.95
8. Plant Mister – Gardenware $30.00
9. Classic Forrest Terrarium – Happy Place Terrariums $110
10. Wood Handled Secateurs – Garden Tool Shop $34.95
11. Hand Trowel & Fork – Until $59 – $64.95

Got a suggestion to add to this Green Thumb Wishlist? Drop it in a comment below!x


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