Wishlist: the Chef Baker Cook

Wishlist: the Chef Baker Cookfeatured

This one is for the all-rounder in the kitchen. The one who is always experimenting with new and exciting recipes or creating something completely from scratch. I love the idea of creating a gift out of our specific recipe! You could go all out and get everything required, from cookware to ingredients plus a recipe book containing that recipe! The best part is with that kind of gift you can make it a little bit more kiddie-themed for a child or simple for a beginner.


1. Host Mortar/Pestle in Acacia Wood Black – Freedom $39.95
2. Microstoven Tajine 25cm White - House $59.95
3. MICROSCOPE TEA-TOWEL SET – Arro Homewares $19.95
4. Rivsalt Himalayan Rock Salt & Grater – Opus Design $59.95
5. Grapefruit & Bourbon Marmalade – Jam Bandits $10.00
6. The Whole Pantry by Belle Gibson - Oscar & Friends $35.00
7. Cake Tin - French Knot $24.95
8. DULCE DE LECHE PEANUT BUTTER 250G – Salt Meats and Cheese $7.00

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