Travel: in it for the long haul

Travel: in it for the long haulfeatured

In just under two weeks, I am lucky enough to be heading over to the USA for 14 days to attend a friend’s wedding and I’ve been mentally packing for the last 6 months. This will be my second trip to the States, so I am well aware of how delightfully long the plane ride is from Sydney to LA. It’s quite the very long and when you land in the LA and feel gross, it’s just the worst. Plus we have a few internal flights, 2 of which are red eyes! So I’ve put together my pro-tips for looking damn fine and staying entertained and comfortable on those dreaded long haul flights!



When flying anywhere, comfort is important. I think it’s always good to wear something that you can layer up to be warm in the air-conditioning, feel relaxed in but also still looks somewhat stylish.  You’ll never catch me in tracksuit pants or anything remotely like it in public. The outfit I’ve chosen is also flexible enough that if you land somewhere hot (like, say, LA), you can ditch the tights and go bare legs and still look nice. Long tshirts or tunics are best, dark colours or patterns always and a long cardigan to snuggle! A little jewellery doesn’t hurt and sunglasses are useful for hiding those tired eyes when you land. A nice big bag to lug everything is also a must! Especially if that’s your only carry-on!

  1. Hat - Felt Fedora, Cotton On $19.95
  2. Tunic – Boat Neck Tunic, Sportsgirl $39.95
  3. Leggings – Basic Ponte, Crossroads $29.95
  4. Cardigan - Mink Pink Longline Knit Cardigan, Birds Nest $74.95
  5. Bag – Gold Leather Tote, Kikki K $99.00
  6. Necklace - Crystal Pendant, Sportsgirl $19.95
  7. Stacked Rings – Textured Ring Set, Sportsgirl $14.95
  8. Watch – Classic Tortoise, Aark $179.00
  9. Sunglasses – Brooke Tortoise Shell, Oscar Wylee $98 – 198
  10. Earrings - Orelia Arrow Stud Earring, ASOS $23.72
  11. Shoes – Madhatter Leather Flat Shoes, ASOS $88.95



On our last trip we had over 30 hours of flights all one after the other and it was literally the worst – my inflatable neck pillow kept deflating. I cannot stress enough how much better a filled neck pillow is than an inflatable one! I am not the best sleeper and when I’m super excited about where I am going or am crammed in an uncomfortable chair, it makes things even trickier. I suggest bringing a few tea bags of Sleepy Time Herbal Tea to help relax – usually you can get a cup of boiled water from the drinks cart or self serve kitchen on an international flight. Slip on a pair of socks on and your eye mask, maybe some relaxing tunes then sneak away to slumber town. Don’t forget to charge up your devices and portable charger (genius invention!) especially on cheaper domestic airlines that don’t provide entertainment. Preload your books, music and shows – I’ve got a range of playlists put together on Spotify that I’ve made available offline and pre-bought and downloaded a range of ebooks via Amazon.

  1. Travel Pillow – Black & White Polk Dot, Typo $14.95
  2. Tea – Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Herbal Tea $4.61
  3. Headphones - AKG K495 Noise Cancelling Headphones $269.95
  4. Lip Balm – Nivea Milk & Honey, Priceline $4.95
  5. Eye Mask – Silver Sequin, Typo $6.95
  6. Ear Plugs – 5 Pack, Bunnings $3.95
  7. Socks - Polka dot, Cotton On $4.95
  8. Charger - PLOX 3000mAh Energy Stick, Dick Smith $39.98
  9. Smartphone & charging cable
  10. E-Reader – Kindle Paperwhite 3G $220.98



While on the plane, you might want to remove any makeup you put on earlier that day. If you plan on sleeping on the plane, brush your teeth before bed! No one wants to smell your bad sleeping breath! Got long hair? Plait your hair low so it’s out of the way but comfortable enough to sleep on- this will keep it from tangling or looking too messy when you land.

Landing can be just the worst if you have to wait a few hours before you get into your hotel room to shower, and you have to kill time in the clothes you flew in. One way to freshen up, is of course, a change of underwear! I suggest checking what time your flight gets in and ducking in to the bathroom about 25 minutes before landing so you won’t have to queue up. If your hair is a little greasy, brush it through with a little spray of dry shampoo. Still no good? Braid, pony or bun it! Then wash your face, brush your teeth, gloss your lips, spray some perfume and you’ll feel a bit human while out in the general public.

When flying, remember there is a limit of 100ml / 100g of liquids, aerosols and gels. The air compresses and decompresses which can cause leaks or explosions. So I’d suggest popping it in a zip lock back or similar, even inside your toiletry bag (if it’s in your carry-on). And if you do have a toiletry bag, again it must be clear – this will save you time going through security. You can read up on the rules here.

  1. Makeup Removers – Garnier Wipes, Chemist Warehouse $5.69
  2. Toothbrush/paste – Colgate Travel Pack, Chemist Warehouse $5.99
  3. Hairbrush – Lady Jane Purse Brush, Priceline $9.49
  4. Hairpins – Lady Jane 50 Pack, Priceline $4.99
  5. Fresh Knickers – Smooth Bikini Dream Blue, Cotton On $9.95
  6. Hand Sanitiser - Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer 50ml, Chemist Warehouse $2.99
  7. Dry Shampoo – Batiste Mini 50ml, Priceline $4.99
  8. Deodorant – Dove Mini 30g, Priceline $2.72
  9. Perfume – Marc Jacobs Daisy 8ml, Sephora $24.00
  10. Hair ties – Multi Coloured Elastics x 10, Pavement $9.95
  11. Case – Clear Toiletry Bag $10.90




Again, sticking to a comfortable yet stylish look for the boy. A flannel shirt is a nice way to add a collared shirt but not need to worry about it getting crushed from sitting down. It’s also just that little extra warmth needed on a flight.

  1. Hat -  Get It Now Havana, City Beach $15.99
  2. Tee – Vacation Tee, Cotton On  $14.95
  3. Shirt -  Oversized Flannel Red Check, General Pants $79.95
  4. Backpack – Backpack with Contrast Straps, ASOS $54.95
  5. Jeans - Dark Washed Indigo Stretch Skinny Fit Jeans $44.00
  6. Watch - Chronograph Watch, Kenneth Cole $19.95
  7. Belt - Rustic Black Leather Belt, Roger David $49.95
  8. Glasses - Chuck, Sneaking Duck $180.00
  9. Boots - Black Nappa, Doc Martens, General Pants $209.95



An iPad is the next best thing to having a laptop and if you are reader, you can still load it up with the Kindle app and grab some books. Fill her up with tv shows and movies if you can and if you are traveling with a partner with only one iPad, I’d suggest purchasing a headphone adapter that allows for 2 sets so you can watch together!

  1. Travel Pillow - Comic Boston Neck Pillow, Typo $14.95
  2. Socks - Snap Snap Socks, Gorman $16.00
  3. Headphones – Grado SR80 Headphones $99.00
  4. Ear Plugs - 5 Pack, Bunnings $3.95
  5. Charger - PLOX 3000mAh Energy Stick, Dick Smith $39.98
  6. Smartphone & charging cable
  7. Eye Mask - Sleep Tight Eye Mask, David Jones $5.00
  8. iPad Cover – Gordon Tablet, Typo $19.95
  9. iPad



If you can get away with no product for the flight, then I’d suggest you do! Save it for the end of the flight if you need to look nice when you land! A tail comb will help you get that nice slick part that most of the fellas are rocking these days. I’ve suggested Calvin Klein’s men’s perfume, Crave as it comes in the layered plastic case, so no need to worry about a glass bottle smashing. Plus it smells delish!

  1. Perfume - Calvin Klein Crave 75ml $34.95
  2. Comb – Models Prefer Tail Comb, Priceline $3.99
  3. Hair Product – Uppercut Monster Hold, General Pants $24.00
  4. Hand Sanitiser - Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser 50ml, Chemist Warehouse $2.99
  5. Deodorant – Rexona Clinical Protection for Men, Priceline $14.96
  6. Toothbrush/paste - Colgate Travel Pack, Chemist Warehouse $5.99

Do you have any tips and tricks to add for surviving plane rides? Feel free to leave them in comments section below!

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