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Well leme just say that if there is a nicer person than Nia, I haven’t met them! (but I would like to, if you know them) And top put the cherry on top of this extra tasty sundae, she’s a super creative but also a paralegal so you know… not just a hat rack!

She sums it up in her profession spiel but she really is an all round super nice lady and today she’s sharing some of the things in her toolbox. So bake em away toys….


The Job

1. What is your profession?

Hah!  This is always a tricky question for me to answer because I never really know how to answer it.  I guess I’m a creator/designer/maker/founder of The Assembly, blogger at Life & Co, full time mama and part-time paralegal (you didn’t see that one coming did ya?!).

2. How did you get into doing what you do?

I never really knew what I wanted to do after school so just went along with the idea of doing some sort of business course at college and university.  I landed a job at a law firm just doing admin here and there, and fell into doing Trademarks work which is where I am now but I guess I’ve ALWAYS had a love affair with blogs ever since well.. they started existing!  After having Scarlet, I was spending a lot of time reading blogs at home and that’s where things started to make sense.  I started Life & Co with the thought that nobody would ever read my blog but within a year, I was able to connect, meet and collaborate with my “creative crushes”!

It felt so good to think creatively, to dream up ideas and see them come to life, and this is when my husband and I started thinking about making our life-long dream of having our own shop come to life. Ever since we’ve known each other, Johan and I have always been obsessed with making and dreaming up of ways we can implement timber/wooden items into our everyday lives, and have always spent some our ‘date nights’ in the garage building something! So about 10 months ago, we decided we would make the decision to open up a shop and really commit to it this time. The result? Our second baby, The Assembly.

3. What motivates and inspires you?

Other people.

I’m absolutely blown away by the power of collaborations. It always inspires, motivates, challenges and teaches you in ways I never thought was possible!

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Running a physical shop for The Assembly. Alongside with the shop, I’d also love to open an Assembly workshop where we can gather people together on weekends to run different workshops, enjoy a communal lunch and have lots of conversations! Oh, and maybe have some more babies along the way somewhere hahaha.

5. When you’re not doing your work job, what are some hobbies you enjoy.

I watch a LOT of movies/DVDs

What’s in my toolbox?

1. iPhone

With 3 inboxes to juggle, lots of everyday photos to capture and Instagram to catch up with, this thing is a staple for everyday living (& sanity).


2. Coffee

It’s literally the very first thing I do every morning. Repeat after me – “Coffee makes everything better. Coffee is my best friend.”


3. Carving tools

I never thought in a million years that my job would involve these babies. Without them, I can’t carve and smooth out those tembusu spoons I love so dearly!


4. Spotify

Can’t live without it. Don’t want to live without it. It keeps me going through the boring admin parts of my job(s). Besides coffee, Bon Iver also fixes everything.


5. Scarlet

She’s usually pottering along with me while I’m answering emails, packing orders, shooting for the blog and yes, even when I’m in the toilet! Life just wouldn’t be the same without this sweet little soul and I love having her around when I’m working (even though it can be frustrating at times). I figured that one day when she’s a rotten teenager, hanging out with her mama is a pretty daggy thing to do, so I’m going to make the most of her random cuddles and desire to sit on my lap all day everyday.


You can find out more about Nia on her blog or follow her on Instagram – @nianeve

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