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If you don’t follow this weeks Toolbox creative then you are seriously missing out!!
Katherine Sabbath has an instagram account that would make Willy Wonky jealous (he would probably get some great ideas too).

High School teacher and part time magician, Kat has a serious eye for colourful creations and has admirers around the globe and her style not only translates onto her cakes but man oh’ man she has a fierce wardrobe and hairstylez!! We can only hope to befriend her in hope that she rubs off some of her magic so we’re just a lil’ cooler!


The Job

1. What is your profession?

I am an enthusiastic High School teacher (History, Geography, English, Society and Culture, and Commerce) who has been teaching in Western Sydney for the last three years. In my limited spare time, I create thoughtful, unique and slightly crazy cakes and desserts for loved ones, friends, and (since 2014) a good chunk of Sydney! I also write recipes and enjoy sharing my creative food ideas with others.

2. How did you get into doing what you do?

I studied at University for five years to become a High School teacher, whereas I practiced consistently for the better part of four years to become what I like to call an ‘avid home hobby baker’. I’ve still got so much more to learn!

3. What motivates or inspires you?

I am motivated by my incredible Mother who, alone and at the age of 16, migrated by boat to Australia as a refugee from war-torn Vietnam in order to forge a better life for her entire family. She motivates me to become a better and more pro-active, more socially conscious human being. As for the inspiration behind my creations, it comes from absolutely everywhere! Inspiration can come from the confectionary aisle of a local supermarket, the colour palette of a friend’s dress, or the natural beauty and architecture of our astounding environment. I’ve always loved experimenting with art and drew a lot whilst I was growing up. I think transferring this child-like creativity into my baking was just a natural extension!

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would absolutely love to continue baking and possibly take it to an even greater scale in the future (with my eyes set on a website, cookbook and who knows, maybe even a television show?!) but for now I’m very passionate about high school teaching and so I’m riding the dessert wave as it comes! Speaking earnestly, I’m unsure of what the future may hold at this point in time but I’m ready to embrace it and also kick it straight in the teeth, if need be.

5. When you’re not doing your work job, what are some hobbies you enjoy?

I really love adventuring around the beautiful city of Sydney with friends, taking in the views of our gorgeous Australian environment and of course, enjoying delicious and good-quality food! Once the sun sets, I’m also partial to a serious boogie session on the dance floor, which is really unlucky for most patrons – sorry for the flailing arms. However, more often than not, you can find me relaxing on the couch, in my pyjamas and wearing socks with thongs.


What’s in my toolbox?

1) Hand-held electric mixer

One of these guys will set you back $40 and is the most affordable investment you’ll ever make as a baker. Mine is over 4 years old and has single-handedly (er, excuse the bad pun) helped me create each and every one of my cakes! Don’t tell anyone but I still haven’t used a conventional kitchen mixer…What’s a ‘Kitchen Aid’?

toolbox-kat-42) Chocolate

In all forms, in all flavours, in all quantities and IN, ON, as well as AROUND, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

toolbox-kat-73) Instagram

A hugely effective way of sharing and connecting with other creatives, businesses, insightful individuals and perhaps most importantly, other people’s cats.

toolbox-kat-84) Sprinkles

In particular, confetti sprinkles and rainbow coloured jimmies. It’s a well known fact that it’s impossible to create a lack-lustre dessert once sprinkles are added to the party!

toolbox-kat-55) Butter

Only the good stuff! Embrace your fat.

toolbox-kat-26) VSCOcam (a free and downloadable smart phone app)

This stellar photo editing app is my secret weapon, allowing me to transform my selfies from Frankenstein into Franken-FINE. Thank god for my new age-defying skin cream, “exposure”.


You can see more of Katherine’s creations on her instagram – @katherinesabbath and she also contributes to Frankie Blog over here

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