Toolbox Series: The Florist

Toolbox Series: The Floristfeatured

Good morning all! We’re excited because today we are introducing a brand new series! We have been thinking for a little while we’d like to a run a series about what people need/use everyday in their professions. We’re calling it the Toolbox Series, showing people from various professions and the tools they use to get through their working day – whether it be a pen and paper, an app or a salty slice of ham! So without further ado, meet Rebecca Caves!


The Job

1. What is your profession?

Founder and Floral Designer of Flora Folk, so in a nutshell a florist!

2. How did you get into doing what you do?

We had a massive garden growing up and I feel like I’ve spent much of my life in it, chasing imaginary garden fairies as a child, climbing mulberry trees, playing with the dogs and having garden parties. Like my Mum I was always really fond of gardening, plants and flowers and the creative gene seems to run through the family with writers, painters and designers.

So for me becoming a florist was the perfect combination of my love for the two, so I walked away from career to pursue this. And here I am.

3. What motivates or inspires you?

As I mentioned above it would have to be many of those creative people close in my life; my Mum the gardener with her eclectic house, my brother and partner the Creative Directors, my late Grandfather the painter, and other creative leaders that think out of the box and take a risk doing it.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still doing what I love, which is this.

5. When you’re not doing your work job, what are some hobbies you enjoy.

I’m addicted to travelling. It’s an expensive addiction but I love everything about exploring new places and I’d much rather sacrifice a new wardrobe for an overseas trip. I also love making origami cranes and crocheting if I have time!


Now…what’s in your toolbox?


1. Purple Ars Clippers

I bought these in in the Chelsea flower district in New York, but they are a Japanese company and really good quality plus they come in lots of pretty colours.


2. Felco Leather Holster

Also bought in New York this leather holster is a serious time saver because I always put down my shears and lose them amongst the flower mess.


3. Ikebana Scissors

These came from Japan, and they are designed for Ikebana flower arranging which is a beautiful art of minimal floral design. Also used for bonsai and delicate pruning as they have that really nice sharp end.


4. Cyclone Secateurs

These are for heavier duty for thick wood stems.


5. Rose Strippers

For those nasty thorns rose strippers are enough, I have two types, one for easy rose thorns and one for the more tricky.


6. Parafilm and Pot Tape

Parafilm is used for wiring up to secure the flower and protect from sharp edges and pot tape is generally used for wedding bouquet securing and securing foundations for base arrangements.


7. Paddle Wire and Vine Wire

Paddle wire is really good for anyone wanting to make simple wreaths and floral crowns, and vine wire can be used as the foundation wire.


8. Ribbon Scissors, Ribbons & Pins

Just love ribbon shopping you can get so creative with the different ribbons used for wedding bouquets I love this gold sparkly one. Also a really good pair of ribbon scissors! I like unusual finds so check out Pulp Creative Paper and Paper2.

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