The Toolbox: Bianca Virtue

The Toolbox: Bianca Virtuefeatured

Do you ever see an Instagram that is just so well curated you can’t help but like every single picture they post? That’s exactly how we feel about today’s Toolbox guest, Bianca Virtue. It’s not a wonder, given that she is a stylist from Melbourne, and gets to play with awesome props and what nots for all her styling projects. And she’s done it all, from food to events, interior to products, she’s basically a stylist extraordinaire! So let’s find out how she got there and take a peak inside her toolbox…

The Job

1. What is your profession?

Stylist first and foremost, Graphic Designer & Visual Merchandiser.

2. How did you get into doing what you do?

After school i studied Visual Merchandising i was not sure what i wanted to be or do. You know that question you always get asked “ What do you want to be when you grow up?” Yeah i actually never had an answer and still to this day don’t have a straight answer. My love is styling this is from my last job when i worked with Fossil Australia for quiet a few years, in the time i worked there i also did short courses and at home study to do with such things as styling, photography and graphic design. Also in that time i did some work experience with other stylists and companies in and around Melbourne to get a feel and see how this crazy world works.

3. What motivates or inspires you?

People i admire! from my own family who are always the ones who receive the call from me saying “ Am i doing the right thing?” or “Does this actually look good?”. Then i get great inspiration from people i find on instagram and other styling geniuses – come on how exciting is it when you find the most perfectly curated instagram feed!.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully where i am now but with a lot more experience under my belt, i love trying new things and styling products i would never think i would be styling. The beauty of this industry is that there is always a new challenge, new trend or new style this excites me and it always makes you grow.

5. When you’re not doing your work job, what are some other hobbies you enjoy?
We go on mini family adventures to our absolutely area of Victoria Macedon, Kyneton and Daylesford. Lets just say if everything goes the way i plan we will be living down there very soon – Husband doesn’t know this just yet sssh!

So…what’s in your toolbox?

Essentially we want to know what items, apps and resources do you need/have to work with in your current profession? They can be something as mundane as pens, as time-wasting as Pinterest or as quirky as a moldy slice of bread. (Minimum 5 items, max 10)

Please list the item and a short sentence explaining it. If you don’t have photographs of the items themselves, just provide us with a link to an image/app/website and we’ll do the rest!

1. Vans


My staple when working on your feet all day is comfortable shoes and why not get ones they look good too!

2. Coconut water + Tea002


My two favourite things, yes i drink coffee but i very much limit my coffee intake. Enter Coconut water and tea bags, coconut water is great for staying hydrated and well i just adore it. Tea because well what is more comforting, i take these with me in my handbag when I’m out working as you can always get hot water everywhere.

3. Props


These wooden spoons have been by far the most used thing in my props cupboard they were sent to me by The Assembly ( instagram @theassemblyhome )

4. Salt flakes


These are a must when food styling!

5. Inside my bag.


Notebook, Camera & odds and ends. I have things like sticky tape, blu tac, string and pegs because you never know when you need a product or food item to stand the right way for a photo.

6. Iphone


From listening to Ryan Adams on Spotify, to editing a photo on snap seed this is by far the most over used item in my tool box. I also use it to sneakily take a snap while a photographer is taking a photo as its small and doesn’t get in the way! This lovely image was taken by the talented Marnie Hawson.

You can find out more about Bianca Virtue at her website or follow her beautiful Instagram feed – @bianca.virtue

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