Monday Mixed Tape #02

Monday Mixed Tape #02featured

This one is a collection of moody tunes I put together one very rainy stormy Monday. With the thunder and the lightening, these songs fit the tone and made the storm even more exciting. I will also ignore any complaints about two Muse songs. If you read my introduction on these Mixed Tapes, you may have gleaned that certain songs sort of resonate with me.

Muse’s entire Absolution album did that for me. I remember specifically asking for it for my 15th birthday after hearing Time is Running Out on the radio. I didn’t know the band at all, but that one song just made me feel and hear things that I needed more of. I was ecstatic when I received it, listening to the whole album over and over for days and weeks, absorbing the songs. The intro guitar riffs to Stocklholm Syndrome still gets me every time. My birthday is in May, which is cold and rainy (my favourite!) and so the album is forever linked to that time in my life. Awkward unrequited teenage crushes, bad attitudes, the feelings of being misunderstood; the plight of a fifteen year old girl.

So enjoy this mix. The dramatic crescendo and decrescendo of the piano and the swell of the orchestra… well it makes for some ideal rainy day tunes!

  1. Requiem For A Tower – London Music Works
  2. Take A Fall For Me – James Blake, RZA
  3. The Saddest Orchestra – Ed Harcourt
  4. I Recorded You – The Trouble With Templeton
  5. Endlessly – Muse
  6. Ruled by Secrecy – Muse
  7. Need It – Half Moon Run
  8. I Miss You – Ta-ku
  9. The Honey Month – Augie March

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