Monday Mixed Tape #01

Monday Mixed Tape #01featured

Music and I have a long and loving relationship. I can remember being a small child and putting my alarm clock radio under my pillow and listening to whatever I could tune in at night to fall asleep to, something I did for years. From classical music to pop, I’d take it all. Skip forward to an oddball thirteen year old getting around in ruffley shirts and tights like some kind of Mills and Boon pirate, making “LAM Radio” (Leesa, Amy and Melissa) with her friends in the living room, interspersing witty and insightful chitchat (for serious) with their favourite tunes. We got our filthy hands on the music however we could – taping from the radio, taping from another tape of the radio (dual cassettes bitches!), or singing it ourselves.

The older I got, the more refined my music taste became – I mean that in the least snotty way. I just mean I can be kind of picky and hate most of trash on commercial radio. Still sounded snotty didn’t it? My bad! No, but I found new sounds I hadn’t been introduced to before – stuff that wasn’t played at home. My dad’s music included Elvis, The Beatles, Credence Clearwater Revival, Louis Armstrong, Roy Orbison (all of which I love), while mum’s was more John Farnham (The Voice is great…when drunk at weddings!), Bette Midler, Linda Ronstandt, Olivia Newtown John (all of which…not so much). So it fell to me to introduce my family to new music I discovered and put together mix tapes for our long and short family road trips. Then there was the internet! A world of music at my finger tips. The first song I ever downloaded was October by Evanescence. It took the better part of a day on dial up internet speeds and I burnt it to a cd! What an age we live in!

In many ways, I think over the years I’ve defined myself by the music and bands I listen to, but at the same time those songs have defined me. I have memories and moments attached to most songs. Oh, and I absorb lyrics like you wouldn’t believe. I know lyrics to songs I didn’t even know I knew! Or that I haven’t heard in ten years. It’s kind of like my party trick. I love busting out the ol’ Butterfly by Crazytown and watching the jaws drop – especially when I get the rap. But seriously.

So here is my first mixed tape since 2007, when I had a crappy purple excel with a tape player and would make mix tapes to listen to in my car on the way to uni. I think I still have some of them in a drawer somewhere! There’s no particular mood or theme that I’ve spotted, but songs that have caught my attention of late. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do!

  1. The Shadow Of Your Smile – Nancy Sinatra
  2. Birth of An Empire – Sophie Ellis-Bextor
  3. Come Into My Dreamland – Ed Hardcourt
  4. Beverly – Bobbie Gentry
  5. The Mall & Misery – Broken Bells
  6. Like a Stone – The Peach Kings
  7. When The Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin
  8. Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair  - Arctic Monkeys
  9. Too Much – Sampha
  10. Love Run Dry – Owl Eyes
  11. Dirt & Gold – Peder, SIgne Marie Schmidt-Jacobsen
  12. My Legs Are Weak – Paloma Faith
  13. Suburban War – Arcade Fire
  14. Missing Pieces – Jack White
  15. Goodbye Lovers and Friends – Franz Ferdinand

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