The Flower Easter Bunny!

The Flower Easter Bunny!featured

Easter Sunday is just around the corner. And we all know what that means… CHOCOLATE.

I was a bit of a commercialised child and a happy sense of nostalgia sets in around Easter thinking about the how much I loved visiting the animals, rides and showbags at The Royal Easter Show and the chocolate easter egg hunts on Easter Sunday.

I was recently reading how the Guatemalans celebrate Easter by making beautiful flower carpets that line the streets of Antigua, up to a mile in length and this inspired me to combine a chocolate Easter bunny and flowers as a special gift – The Flower Easter Bunny! This is great fun for kids too and pretty quick!

The Flower Easter Bunny Tutorial

What you need to make the Flower Easter Bunny:

  • Thick decorative wire. Can probably pick up at Lincraft, Spotlight or Koch.
  • Bouillon Florist Wire. Can also pick up at Lincraft, Spotlight or Koch and they come in all sorts of pretty metallic colours.
  • Ribbon. I’ve gone for glittery gold.
  • Miniature Carnations. The best thing about carnations is they are bright and pretty like Easter eggs, very hardy and super cheap. If you can’t get them at the flower markets you will find them at most supermarkets.
  • A chocolate Easter Bunny of your choice.

The Flower Easter Bunny Tutorial


  1. With a piece of string measure the circumference of the spot you’d like the flower collar to sit on your bunny. Cut the piece of string and then stick both ends flat down on a table so its stretched out in a line. This becomes where you plan your creation.
  2. Snip your carnations off their stems leaving at least 1-2cm of the stem which is needed to wire onto the collar. Start placing them along the piece of string where you’d like them placed on the collar. This is where you can move them around and be creative.
  3. Once you have your plan in place measure the thick wire along the piece of string and cut it at the same length. You can either make two loops at each end so you can attach ribbon to tie the flowers on or you can form the collar by twisting the ends around each other (just make sure it will fit onto your bunny).
    The Flower Easter Bunny Tutorial
  4. Now this is the cheating form of wiring in floristry – it’s a quick solution which is quite simple and doesn’t require the same level of skill as advanced wiring. Get your bouillon wire and your first carnation in your plan and attach it to the collar by wrapping the bouillon wire around the stem once or twice. Making sure you don’t cut the wire, continue this step until the whole collar is covered. If you put the carnations close enough to each other they will hide the mechanics of the wires.
  5. If you have created the two loops at each end of the collar you can tie a piece of ribbon through each loop and then attach it to your bunny!

If you’re having an Easter Sunday lunch it’s a lovely gift for your guests or a fun activity for your little ones in the school holidays (with supervision!). If you do make the Flower Easter Bunny (or Bunnies even!), we’d love to see your interpretations, so feel free to tag us or use the #makerssociety so we don’t miss it!

The Flower Easter Bunny Tutorial

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