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Hi gang! So as a special little contribution to Maker’s this week I’m going to show you how to make your own fabulous Mini Metallic and Ceramic Tassel Garland. Perfect as a party feature, or for your own daily enjoyment!

Mini metallic and ceramic tassel garland

This will make a garland of 18 tassels.
Time: Approx. 2­-3 hours
Difficulty: Medium

~A.Youwillneed_makerssociety_libbydesouzaYou will need:
• 2 bundles of wool in whatever colours you like! I chose white and mint
• 1 bundle of silver metallic yarn
• 1 pack of white ceramic beads with holes large enough for a knitting needle to pass (available from craft supplies stores such as Spotlight)
• 1 pair of small scissors
• 1 knitting needle
• 1 ruler (or piece of cardboard 15cm long if you prefer the wind­-around-­the-­carboard-tassel technique)

Part 1: How to make your tassels

(Taught to me by my wonderful friend Kitiya Palaskas)

1_makerssociety_libbydesouza1. Cut 15 x 30cm lengths of your wool and metallic yarn, in whatever combination you like! I did each tassel with a different combination of white, mint and silver. (You may choose to opt for winding the wool around a 15cm long piece of cardboard and then cut for a speedy result).2_makerssociety_libbydesouza2. Cut two pieces of wool 20cm long. One in white to join to the garland, one in mint for winding around the tassel.3_makerssociety_libbydesouza3. Pull together all 15 x 30cm lengths and line them up as evenly as possible by pinching at one end. We will trim later to make even so don’t worry if they’re all a bit uneven.4-1_makerssociety_libbydesouza4-3_makerssociety_libbydesouza4-3_makerssociety_libbydesouza4-4_makerssociety_libbydesouza4. Fold in half and loop the white 20cm length of wool before tying a simple knot.5_makerssociety_libbydesouza5. Pinch the tassel about 1cm below your white wool tie.6_makerssociety_libbydesouza6. While still holding your bunch of wool, pick up the 20cm length of mint wool and place under your thumb, leaving about 2cm free.7_makerssociety_libbydesouza7. Make a small loop with the rest of the mint wool and double back to place under your thumb.8_makerssociety_libbydesouza8. Wind the long end of the mint wool around the bunch of wool several times (including over the top of it’s own loop) until it is the same length as the short end.9-1_makerssociety_libbydesouza9-2_makerssociety_libbydesouza9. Place your second short end under the loop, and pull the first short end upwards until the tie slides underneath the wind.

10. Trim the ends as close to the wind as possible.11-1_makerssociety_libbydesouza11-2_makerssociety_libbydesouza11. Trim the bottom of the tassel to make all the ends even. Repeat until all 18 tassels are completed.

Part 2: How to put together the garland

12_makerssociety_libbydesouza12. With your white tie at the top of the tassel, carefully push both ends through the knitting needle.13-1_makerssociety_libbydesouza13-2_makerssociety_libbydesouza13-3_makerssociety_libbydesouza13. Push your white ceramic bead over the needle until it sits just above the top of the tassel.14_makerssociety_libbydesouza14. Repeat for all other tassels.15_makerssociety_libbydesouza15. Cut a new 130cm length of white wool, and tie a small loop in each end for hanging.16_makerssociety_libbydesouza16. Line up your tassels evenly along the length of the white wool. I spaced mine 5cm apart.17-1_makerssociety_libbydesouza17-2_makerssociety_libbydesouza17. Use your two short ends of the tassel and tie a simple knot as tiny as possible.18_makerssociety_libbydesouza18. Trim the ends as close to the main length of wool as possible.19-1_makerssociety_libbydesouza19-2_makerssociety_libbydesouza19. Use the sharp end of your knitting needle to push the knot inside the ceramic bead.Tasselgarland_makerssociety_libbydesouza_320. Repeat for each tassel.

Put up some hooks (3M clear hooks are great because they’re hard to see) and enjoy!


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