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It’s Tassel Week Ya’ll!
Oh yes you heard us correctly, Tassel Week. This week we will have some sweet tassel projects for you and your person!
So we’re gonna start this week off with a simple Tassel Necklace!

Firstly, I’d like to preface this tutorial with a tutorial. Tassels are soooo easy to make and there are many many ways to make tassels. So here are a couple of links to show you how incase you’re unsure.

This & This

I used this method

So with THAT out of the way now to get to a tasselin’


What you’ll need

Embroidery Thread in a couple of colours (if you want to choose all the power rangers’ colours then please email me so we can be best friends!)
A length of chain. The length is up to you.
2 x 4mm jump rings
1 small lobster clasp and 1 of the little end thingys (I’m sorry, I’m not sure what they’re called)
8mm jump rings – 1 for each tassel.

What to do

Before you start its a good idea to open an 8mm jump ring and cut a 10cm length of thread, as using this method you’ll really only have one working hand for a little while.


Taking a length of one colour of thread wrap it around 2 of you fingers. The more fingers you use the longer your tassel will be.


I wrapped my thread around about 20 times so if you want a thicker tassel keep winding around. Once you’re happy with the thickness, cut the thread. Then with an open 8mm jump ring thread it under all the threads so it secures all the thread within the jump ring.


Then, with the cut piece of thread loosely tie it around all of the threads up close to your pointer finger, you can then wriggle you finger out from holding the threads so its a bit closer to the jump ring. Wrap the thread around a couple of times and then secure with a knot.


Once secure you can then cut the looped edge and neaten up the end, AND VOILA! A Tassel to rule all tassels!!


To make the necklace, open the 4mm jump rings and attach the lobster clasp and the other little bit to each end of your chain. Then thread your tassels onto the chain and now you have your very own tassel necklace!



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