Tassel week: Leather Keychain

Tassel week: Leather Keychainfeatured

Oh yes, we’re still here! Tasseling away! And today’s tassel project couldn’t be easier! feature


What you’ll need

Scraps of leather. I was able to buy a bag of leather scraps from Spotlight.
Lobster Clasps
Super glue or strong adhesive
Spray paint
Fabric Scissors
Pen or pencil

What to do

cut-stripRule and cut a 20cm x 5cm rectangle of leather.handleThen cut a small strip around 8cm x 1cm. This will attach your tassel to the lobster clasp.measure-stripMeasure and rule a line lengthways along the strip of leather 3cm from the top as a guide where to cut to.stripsKeeping the leather flat cut 0.5cm strips up to the marked line. finished-stripsYou can then either cut your strip of leather in half to make 2 smaller tassels or make ONE GIANT TASSEL!!!glueingNext, take the small strip and thread one of the lobster clasps onto the strip. Then add a small drop of glue onto the very edge of the wrong side of the leather and place one end of the leather on top of the glue. Add another drop of glue on to the small strip and fold the other end to match ends.glueing-2Then, you might need to add some more glue but you don’t want to add to much or it will ooze out the top. So then fold then edge of the large strip of leather over the little strip and continue to roll around the small piece of leather until you come to the end and finish but adding a small amount of glue to secure the end.protected-tasselsNow you can leave your keychains as they are but what a keychain without a lil’ bling?! So to protect you lobster clasp and leather strap from the spray paint, use some sticky tape to wrap around the end pieces.spray-paintHolding the keychain at a bit of an angle lightly spray the top edges with spray paint going slowly so as not to drown the leather in paint. Wait till its dry and you’re done!paintedfeature

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