Tassel Week: DIY Tasseled Table Runner

Tassel Week: DIY Tasseled Table Runnerfeatured

Ok, it’s the final day of Tassel Week, and we’re finishing up with this fun DIY table runner with a tassel on each end! Now please excuse a couple of my photos – the only rectangular table in my house right now is made of glass, so while it looks like I’ve put the runner on carpet, it is actually on a surface. The project is completely customisable, depending on the length and width of your table.


Skill Level: Basic
Time: 1hr approx.

  • 40cm x 130cm fabric (adjust to suit your table length)
  • 1 x ball of wool or similar (Moda Vera, Beetle)
  • 2 x large wooden beads
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors


Make your tassels first! We’re stitching them into the ends so it’s best to make them now. You can use a chopping board or piece of cardboard to wrap your wool around. Wrap it nice and thick – if you’re questioning whether it’s thick enough, make it thicker!


Cut the wool off once you are happy with the overall thickness of the loop, slide a single strand of wool under the loop and tie a knot to fasten all the strands together.


Cut straight across all the strands of wool on the opposite side of the loop from the knot, then remove from the board. You’re now ready to make your ties around the tassel to cinch it together.


I used 3 strands in each piece of the braid for both sides. Plait each side together.


Now this might be a little tricky but the trick is to rotate the bead onto both ties. I twisted the ends of my ties together nice and tight first! Once your bead is in position, tie a single knot with the braids. Pull it nice and tight so it sits just in the top of the bead and isn’t visible.


And there you have it! A nice big tassel! Now to get started on the runner…tassel-table-runner13

Table Runner

Start by ironing the fabric. Now fold along the length of it in 2.5cm on the back, ironing it flat. Repeat the process on the same side so you have a rolled hem – this will prevent fraying down the track. Iron and pin in position and repeat on the opposite side. When you are finished, stitch both sides down.


So, now our sides are nice and neat, we need to do the ends where we will be attaching the tassel. Fold each side into the centre to make a point at one end.


Trim the excess into the shape of the V, leaving about 5cm (enough to do a rolled hem on both sides of the point) on each half. Now, when we do our first fold for the hem, place one braided tie of the tassel into the fold before folding in again to finish the rolled hem. Your tie should be completely hidden, with the tassel poking out at the end. Iron and pin it into position before repeating with the other side. You may need to trim into the corner so both sit flush against the tassel. Iron and pin then stitch both sides of the V so everything is nice and secure.


Repeat this process with the opposite end, and that’s it! You’ve made yourself your very own table runner complete with funky tassels!



Side note: How funky are these bowls from Kikki K? I just love them as a catch all or for serving a few little nibblies in!


Style it up, take a pic and upload it to Instagram with #themakerssociety so we can see it! Got an improvement? Leave it in the comments below!

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