Tassel Week: DIY Tassel Cushion

Tassel Week: DIY Tassel Cushionfeatured

Next up in Tassel Week is this here DIY Tassel Cushion project! This project covers the making of the cushion but if you don’t have a sewing machine (or sewing skills for that matter) you can buy a cushion and attach the tassels to it – easy peasy!

DIY_Gold_Tassle_CushionWhat You’ll Need

For the Tassels

  • Metallic Gold Thread (1 ball)
  • 1 Chop Stick
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle & Thread

For the Cushion

  • 75cm x 140cm Fabric
  • Sewing Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • 50cm x 50cm Cushion Insert
  • Measuring tape

How to Make the Tassels

If you’ve been playing along at home this week, you may have already gotten the hang of how to make a tassel, but if not, here’s a quick set of instructions. Don’t worry, there’s pictures. There’s always pictures!

Wrap your thread around your forefinger and thumb until its nice and thick. Keep it taught so the lengths are even.


Once you are happy with the thickness of the tassel-to-be, cut the thread. Cut a short piece of thread to loop through one end of your tassel to create a tie. While keeping it on your fingers, tie a knot on the end, nice and tight like.


I used a chop stick to wrap the thread together as it was the perfect diameter to create the bundle at the top of the tassel. Tie a knot first, wrap around the bundle as many times as needed, cut and knot, ensuring to tuck the ends of the thread into it!


Now you’re ready to the cut the loops at the other end to give it that tassel-ness that you love so much! Trim the ends to you have a night straight finish.


Viola, you’ve got yourself some nice tassels to attach to your nipples (oops, wrong blog) cushion!


We made 12 to go (four tassels per side) on our cushion – you could make more tassels if you prefer or even make the tassels long and large and have only 4 big ones!

How to Make the Cushion

The technique for making this cushion uses a pillow fold closure, so it’s very simple to make and doesn’t involved attaching zippers or buttons.

Start by ironing out the fabric and if you have time it is always good to wash the fabric before you sew. This technique is for those of you without an overlocker and has one continuous piece of fabric, rather than 3 separate pieces.

What you want is enough fabric to cover the insert plus enough to create a narrow rolled hem (folded over twice, this minimises fraying) on the outer edge. Iron the fabric. Now fold in your rolled hem – fold the edge in about 2.5cm, iron, then fold it a second time 2.5cm and iron. Pin along the edge to ensure it stays in place.


Now we need to measure (or use another cushion or cushion insert!) 50cm, fold and iron in place.


You should have around 35cm of overhanging fabric at this point and this is what we will use to create the pillow fold by simply folding it back in at 50cm mark. Fold the very edge over 2.5cm, iron and repeat to create a rolled edge. This piece should overlap with the opposite end nicely and remember to make sure the shorter piece is on the inside when it’s all stitched up to give a neater finish.


So, now we sew! Start by sewing your rolled hems at either end. When you are ready to sew the edges, flip it inside out first and measure 50cm in the centre with enough over hang on the sides for the seam. Pin the pieces together so you know exactly where to sew and so nothing moves. Remember to check the shorter flap is going to be tucked into the bigger flap when the cushion is in the right way – basically this just means that you’re short flap should be on top when it’s inside out.


Flip it back the right way round and iron it out nice and flat like… Ta-dah! One handy dandy cushion ready for a-tasseling!


Now we attach the tassels, pinning them on to the cushion first then hand stitching them in place. Make sure you start with you needle coming from the inside out to hide the tail of your thread. I stitched through the thick bundle at the top of my tassels to ensure they were nice and secure, then removed that extra tie that had been around the tassel. Repeat the process with each tassel until your pillow is complete and fabulous.


DIY Gold Tassle Cushion

DIY Gold Tassle Cushion



DIY_Gold_Tassle_Cushion19What do you think? Do you love it? We love seeing your takes on our projects so if you make it, please let us know in the comments section below! Want more tassel projects? You can check them out here!


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