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Makin’ Photoshop Actions!

Makin’ Photoshop Actions!featured

Ok kiddies, for today’s class, I’ve put together a quick tutorial for making your own actions in Photoshop. It’s really easy and speaking from experience can save a whole lot of time if you are batch editing photos. Actions have saved my butt at work a few times processing mass quantities of images that needed Read more

5 Inspirational Go-to Blogs

5 Inspirational Go-to Blogsfeatured

Aiiiight, not too long ago Erin did a list of blogs that we’d fallen in love with… so now I guess its my turn!! This is a list of my top 5 inspirational go-to blogs I’ve fallen head over mouse for! They’re apart of my go-to blog folder, ones I’ll visit time and time again Read more

A Prettier Instagram – Part 3

A Prettier Instagram – Part 3featured

So you’ve improved the quality of your images using these great apps, and these great tips… now what? Well, if you’re anything like me, your Instagram/phone is a record of pretty much every meal/important moment you’ve had since the beginning of time. And now it feels like its all trapped in there! But fear not, Read more

A Prettier Instagram Feed – Part 2 – Photography

A Prettier Instagram Feed – Part 2 – Photographyfeatured

Obviously, it’s not all about the apps to make your Instagram feed look better. A huge amount of it is strong and striking imagery. So here are just a few tips that will significantly improve the quality of your photos. Focus I can’t emphasis this enough. SO many people don’t bother focusing their images and Read more

A Prettier Instagram Feed – Part 1 – Apps

A Prettier Instagram Feed – Part 1 – Appsfeatured

Need to jazz up your Instagram feed and dress her in her Sunday best? Well here are just a few great apps that can help you with that! Most are free or 99C! Such a bargain. VSCOCAM I bet you’ve seen this hashtag and wondered what it stood for. VSCO or Visual Supply Co have Read more