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Monday Mixed Tape #16

Monday Mixed Tape #16featured

Sometimes, you just need a proper good rock play list to wake you back up on Monday afternoon. When caffeine is not enough, give this a spin! This is tried and tested by myself, so I can tell you it works. You will also get a set of free steak knives if you listen in Read more

Movie of the the Week: Sound City

Movie of the the Week: Sound Cityfeatured

Ok so I gues technically this isn’t a movie as it’s more of a documentary but you better get used to it cause ima throw a whole lotta docos in this category. A’ight Sound City, if you have a “To Watch List” put this at the top! Sound City is a documentary directed by your favourite foo fighter Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #03

Monday Mixed Tape #03featured

March 8th was International Women’s day. Since 1975, it has been a day when women are recognized for their achievements across all fields, from all backgrounds and ethnicities. We can look back on the struggles and achievements of past generations of women and of course, celebrate those yet to come! You can learn more about it Read more