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Mixed Tape #14

Mixed Tape #14featured

So I’ve recently decided that I’m going to start learningĀ the guitar again and start teaching myself how to play again as I haven’t played since high school. SO to get me inspired I went a bit rockabilly this week. And I’ve tried to throw in some young guns into the mix also Enjoy! I’m a Read more

Mixed Tape #10

Mixed Tape #10featured

Well, I’m calling it! Winter has come early but I’m still grasping to any sign of sunshine in my day to day. From standing in my bed socks in the little patch of sunlight on my apartment floor to savouring the warmth of my car that had been sitting in the sun all day before Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #08

Monday Mixed Tape #08featured

Hopefully you all had a very relaxing, chocolate filled Easter! I know I sure did! So this Monday Mixed Tape is a little bit of chill and a whole lot of indie to get you where you need to be, whether it’s road tripping home or staying in bed to devour the remainder or your Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #06

Monday Mixed Tape #06featured

I’m back to pick your Monday Mixed Tape #06! Thanks to Erin for last weeks groovy mix up… seriously, if that didn’t get you excited for the week, you’re dead inside. DEAD! I’ve decided to go completely the other end of the spectrum with this week’s playlist and hit you up with some sweet electronica Read more