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A Merry Mixed Tape #22

A Merry Mixed Tape #22featured

Well, well, well folks. Christmas is seriously sneaking up fast! So to celebrate, we are getting all festive up in here all week long! To kick things off, we’ve put together a fun little playlist for you to pop on while you wrap up or gifts, have your various christmas parties or, if you’re a Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #20

Monday Mixed Tape #20featured

We took a little hiatus from the Monday Mixed Tape, mostly because we were looking for some solid tunes! Worry no more, it’s back and this is a big one! I’m leaving today for a 2 week trip to the USA so I’m calling this Mixed Tape the Travel Edition. You’ll notice a theme in Read more

Mixed Tape #18

Mixed Tape #18featured

I’ve put together something a little nostalgic for me this time around because I’m selfish like that. Today’s playlist is all the tunes that were significant to me in my late teens. And if you’ve followed along with the Mixed Tapes from the start, you have some idea as to how important music is to me. I Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #16

Monday Mixed Tape #16featured

Sometimes, you just need a proper good rock play list to wake you back up on Monday afternoon. When caffeine is not enough, give this a spin! This is tried and tested by myself, so I can tell you it works. You will also get a set of free steak knives if you listen in Read more

Mixed Tape #14

Mixed Tape #14featured

So I’ve recently decided that I’m going to start learning the guitar again and start teaching myself how to play again as I haven’t played since high school. SO to get me inspired I went a bit rockabilly this week. And I’ve tried to throw in some young guns into the mix also Enjoy! I’m a Read more

Mixed Tape 13

Mixed Tape 13featured

I’m back like a vertebrae with the mixed tape playlist this week! And we’re taking a little joyride down a jazzy, soulful, every so slightly big band lane. Etta James’ Somethings Got a Hold on Me will be a little familiar from other songs, as will I’ve Got a Woman by Ray Charles – both Read more

Mixed Tape #12

Mixed Tape #12featured

Now bare with… This isn’t your usual “Come At Me Monday” type mixed tape. This is one maybe you have a listen to on your drive home from the daily grind when you just need something to take your mind off the world. When I am in need of this, one of my favourite things Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #11

Monday Mixed Tape #11featured

Wow! Can’t believe this is number 11 in our Mixed Tape playlist selection. I’ve put together a few of my favourites – most of these are fairly new and I have on repeat. I was a big fan of Lana Del Ray from the get-go and pretty much ignored that whole ‘fake internet sensation’ controversy. Read more

Mixed Tape #10

Mixed Tape #10featured

Well, I’m calling it! Winter has come early but I’m still grasping to any sign of sunshine in my day to day. From standing in my bed socks in the little patch of sunlight on my apartment floor to savouring the warmth of my car that had been sitting in the sun all day before Read more

Monday Mixed Tape #09

Monday Mixed Tape #09featured

How is your Monday going? I hope it isn’t too painful and if it is, well here is something to make your afternoon that little bit more bearable. So boil the kettle, make yourself a nice cup of tea, plug in those head phones and have a listen to this collection of nineties and early Read more