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Midweek Meal: Gnocchi Basil Pesto

Midweek Meal: Gnocchi Basil Pestofeatured

I’m stepping in for Nikita this week with the Midweek Meal and sharing one of my all-time favourite, super quick and easy dinners. This is a variation on regular pesto, replacing the cream with avocado for a healthier take. The key element to getting the this right is a food processor! Speeds the process up Read more

Midweek Meal: Homemade Pasta with Cheesy Meatballs

Midweek Meal: Homemade Pasta with Cheesy Meatballsfeatured

This week we are doing something really simple combined with something a bit harder… Cheesy meatballs and fresh pasta, and yes it is all from scratch! Making pasta is one of those things that takes a little bit of time but is totally worthwhile! The result is something better than store bought, not to mention Read more

Midweek Meal: Pavlova

Midweek Meal: Pavlovafeatured

The age old debate, Australia vs New Zealand, who invented the Pavlova? Is ever present at my house (My husband is Kiwi) but in the end it’s so delicious, does it really matter? So to continue on with my Made from Scratch theme, another way to WOW those weekend BBQ guests is by making your Read more

Midweek Meal: Homemade Bread

Midweek Meal: Homemade Breadfeatured

People are always so impressed when they come for dinner and I’ve made things from scratch that seem hard, but in actual fact are not. So I thought I would let you in on a little secret of mine and teach you how to make bread…from scratch! This isn’t so much a Midweek Meal as something Read more