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Meet Catherine, the 60s Sweetheart

Meet Catherine, the 60s Sweetheartfeatured

If you are into crafting, diy and fashion then something tells me you may have heard of Catherine Alenka from the blog, Sewing the 60s. If not, then get ready to be seriously impressed! I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine, having a lovely chat and taking just a some fun snaps of three of the dresses Read more

Black Magic Woman

Black Magic Womanfeatured

I can’t and won’t stop loving all this Stevie Nicks/boho/gothic wonderful fashion floating around at the moment. Or as I like to call it the Black Magic Woman ensemble. Now, I know what you’re thinking – Stevie Nicks wasn’t even in the band when they did that song. And to you I say, shhhudddup! Here’s Read more