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DIY Copper Edged Mirror

DIY Copper Edged Mirrorfeatured

Don’t be afraid, this is easier than it looks. Promise! If you’re hip to be square you’ll have noticed copper EVER . HER . REY . WHERE So let’s get on that bandwagon and get some copper up in hur! What you need – A round mirror. Any size. It might be a good idea Read more

DIY Tri-foil Earrings

DIY Tri-foil Earringsfeatured

We’ve got a really simple DIY project for your Friday. They are so quick and easy to make you’ll be making them for your friends in no time! Materials: Oven bake Polymer clay Earring backs Foil leaf (pretty sure they only come in Gold, Silver & Copper or Bronze) PVA glue or Leaf seize Super Read more