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Apple Banana Cinnamon Muffins

Apple Banana Cinnamon Muffinsfeatured

Happy weekend everyone! Now it’s been a busy few months…actually let’s me honest here and call it a busy year. And for me, it is rare to get a moment to get back in the kitchen and bake something yummy for hell of it. Today was the first time in a little while where I Read more

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Chocolate Cookies

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Chocolate Cookiesfeatured

We recently had our infamous Bake Swap, this time it was sweet vs. savoury! And in the lead up to it, I was hunting down new recipes to work with to bring something incredibly delicious to share with the lovely ladies in attendance. I came across the concept of Sea Salt & Olive Oil Chocolate Read more

Wrap Up: The Great Bake Swap

Wrap Up: The Great Bake Swapfeatured

Wow! What an amazing Sunday we just had! Makers Society hosted it’s first ever Bake Swap over at the Hop & Grain Brew Store in Enmore. This was an invite-only event as we were testing the waters and just hoping someone would turn up. Lucky for us, everyone really loved the idea and put so Read more

Midweek Meal: Homemade Pasta with Cheesy Meatballs

Midweek Meal: Homemade Pasta with Cheesy Meatballsfeatured

This week we are doing something really simple combined with something a bit harder… Cheesy meatballs and fresh pasta, and yes it is all from scratch! Making pasta is one of those things that takes a little bit of time but is totally worthwhile! The result is something better than store bought, not to mention Read more

Passionfruit Marshmallows

Passionfruit Marshmallowsfeatured

I freaking love marshies! Toasted over the fire, with a little hot chocolate or plain and simple but some of the store bought ones have a real artificial flavour so I figured it was high time to give the home made ones a go. And here’s how! Ingredients 500g white sugar 1 tablespoon glucose syrup Read more