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5 Summer Lovin’ Beach Reads

5 Summer Lovin’ Beach Readsfeatured

A beautiful summer means 1 thing – lots of beach visits! So in between dips into the ocean and applying another coat of sunscreen (Australian Sun, you evil SOB) this long weekend, you might be laying on your towel thinking to yourself, “if only I had a really good book to read!”. Well, fret no more because over Read more

A traveller’s guide to holiday reading

A traveller’s guide to holiday readingfeatured

Well Hello there! I’m Vanessa and I’m just going to start off by saying “I LOVE BOOKS!” No, not like your grandma “loves” to knit like I’ll devour a book in a day (maybe even half a day)! SO when Makers asked me to write some a list of some of my books to read Read more

September Book Club

September Book Clubfeatured

I have one question right about now… where the heck did this year go? Seriously, 2014 is just flying by! When I wrote the title of this post I had to double check the date on the calendar to make sure I hadn’t just gotten confused and it was actually still June. That aside, there Read more

Your June Reading List

Your June Reading Listfeatured

Fellow bookworms, it officially reading season because no one can deny that winter has arrived. So here are a few recommendations that I can most definitely vouch for because… I’ve already read em! Stolen: A Letter to My Captor by Lucy Christopher Sixteen year old Gemma is kidnapped from Bangkok airport and taken to the Australian Read more

By my Bedside: Bec

By my Bedside: Becfeatured

This week Bec give us an insight into what our flower friend, has to have by her bedside. One: Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Balm I have been obsessed with Aesop for years, from their package design, to their stores, to the product itself. I get really gross hands from working with flowers (trust me it is not a Read more