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Apple Banana Cinnamon Muffins

Apple Banana Cinnamon Muffinsfeatured

Happy weekend everyone! Now it’s been a busy few months…actually let’s me honest here and call it a busy year. And for me, it is rare to get a moment to get back in the kitchen and bake something yummy for hell of it. Today was the first time in a little while where I Read more

Seed & Nut Bread

Seed & Nut Breadfeatured

If you’re after a delicious wheat bread alternative then look no further! This bread is amazing and I have seen some amazing seed breads out there, (Sarah does a great one) but I recently have been taking Maca powder with my morning smoothie and I wanted to incorporate this into my new bread alternative and its Read more

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Chocolate Cookies

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Chocolate Cookiesfeatured

We recently had our infamous Bake Swap, this time it was sweet vs. savoury! And in the lead up to it, I was hunting down new recipes to work with to bring something incredibly delicious to share with the lovely ladies in attendance. I came across the concept of Sea Salt & Olive Oil Chocolate Read more

Wrap Up: The Great Bake Swap

Wrap Up: The Great Bake Swapfeatured

Wow! What an amazing Sunday we just had! Makers Society hosted it’s first ever Bake Swap over at the Hop & Grain Brew Store in Enmore. This was an invite-only event as we were testing the waters and just hoping someone would turn up. Lucky for us, everyone really loved the idea and put so Read more

How to make New York Style Bagels

How to make New York Style Bagelsfeatured

Over the weekend, I made the brave leap to making my own bagels at home alone, from scratch and this currently stands as my greatest accomplishment ever. I’m so completely thrilled with the results. Little bit of background about me – I love carbs in their bready forms. I’ve been to New York twice and both Read more

Midweek Meal: Homemade Bread

Midweek Meal: Homemade Breadfeatured

People are always so impressed when they come for dinner and I’ve made things from scratch that seem hard, but in actual fact are not. So I thought I would let you in on a little secret of mine and teach you how to make bread…from scratch! This isn’t so much a Midweek Meal as something Read more

Toolbox Series: Katherine Sabbath

Toolbox Series: Katherine Sabbathfeatured

If you don’t follow this weeks Toolbox creative then you are seriously missing out!! Katherine Sabbath has an instagram account that would make Willy Wonky jealous (he would probably get some great ideas too). High School teacher and part time magician, Kat has a serious eye for colourful creations and has admirers around the globe Read more

Get baked this Easter with these lovely baking accessories!

Get baked this Easter with these lovely baking accessories!featured

Easter is literally just around the corner, and if you’re like me you take it as an opportunity to bake all the things! So here’s a super quick round up of some handy dandy products that could be a nice gift suggestion for your baker friends (or yourself!) instead of chocolate this Easter! Why not Read more