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Okay Okay, this is the last project that invloves copper I promise ( I won’t be held responsible if I don’t keep said promise). But I’ve been meaning to make some candles for a while now and I wanted to make them a lil’ more spesh and what better way to do that than with copper foil! Huzzah!



  • Glass Vessel, This can be any shape or size. I used these IKEA vases (Bargain ya ya!)
  • Soy Wax, I used wax from here
  • Fragrance oil, you can buy Sweet Pea & Jasmine Fragrance Oil from here Although you don’t have to make sweet pea & jasmine. The world is your smell station so go out and shove your nose in some essential oils and see what appeals to your nose cavities.
  • Candle wicks, again I got mine from here
  • Copper leaf
  • Sticky photo dots. I used these cause I figured they’ed be the easiest option to get equal circles of adhesive.


  • Clothes peg (not pictured, soz)
  • Dry paintbrush (again, soz)

What to do

Firstly choose your vessel, as this will determine how much wax you’ll use. To begin with I filled both my vessels with my wax melts to get a rough guide of how much wax I needed and then I added some more as when they melt down there will be a considerable difference in the amount of wax you’ll have. For both these vessels I used about 500g of wax flakes. If you melt too much wax you can always pour it into a plastic takeaway container, let it set and re-melt it when you want to make more candles, which i’m sure you will!


Ok now the serious stuff is outta the way (may or may not be serious). With your sticky dots place them on the outside of your vessel in any pattern you like. I went real simple and just spaced them out starting at the bottom and worked my way up the vessel till I was happy with the pattern.


Once you’re happy, remove the paper backing of the sticky dots and carefully (carefully!) Press small squares or torn off pieces of copper leaf and press them onto each sticky dot till it has adhered. With the dry paint brush, gently brush off any excess leaf that hasn’t stuck to the dots. Once all done, you can then take one of your wicks and place it into your vessel ready for when you pour in the wax.


Ok, so in a saucepan that you’re not that fond of (this is just a precaution, just incase the wax doesn’t come off or the fragrance lingers, which I’ve never really had but hey, better on the safe side) on a medium heat, melt your required amount of wax and add a few drops of your fragrance oil (the amount is up to you if you like it smell-tastic)


Once the wax is completely melted, carefully (I SAID CAREFULLY!) pour the wax into your vessel and then you may wish to support the wick with the clothes peg by balancing it on the rim of your vessel. Leave your candle to set for about 2-3 hours depending on the size of your vessel. You’ll know when its set as it will go back to a solid white colour.


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