The Snowy Mountains: photo diary

The Snowy Mountains: photo diaryfeatured

Well lucky ol’ me got to spend a few days down south, staying in Jindybyne and heading up into the Snowy Mountains. Good friends of ours have lived in town for just over a year and this was our second winter visit. I don’t think we would go if weren’t for them – going to the snow is quite expensive and the outlay for decent gear is a bit ridiculous if you’re not a serious boarder/skier…which we are not. I really should have called this post “How to do a snow trip on the cheap” ha! To be fair, what we saved on accommodation and ski passes, we spent on good food and wine! So win / win in my book!

We had such an incredibly lovely weekend and the best part about having locals show you around is that you go places that you maybe wouldn’t ordinarily try…and they know where the snow is without being surrounded by tourists learning to ski!

Wild Brumby Distillery

If you know anything about me by now, it’s that I like booze and often make my own with Sam… So checking out a schnapps distillery is right up our alley!


We enjoyed a very yummy lunch at the Wild Brumby! The boys both order the German sausage & mash which was delish! Nikita & I split the decadent Distiller’s plate you see below… I’m against pate, but Sam believes there is “no such thing as too much duck pate”.  snowymountains-photojournal-03

The Distillery itself is set on wide open acreage that is just off the road leading you up into the Snowy Mountains. There are a few sculptures here and there and a tiny chapel that we were all very fascinated by. But on closer inspection, it was empty…we traipsed through the mud for nothing!snowymountains-photojournal-04

Swing by sometime – they have a range of schnapps that you can taste and purchase while you’re there. They’re also included in the cocktails, and I’ve got to say, compared to Sydney prices they were a very well-priced drink! I highly recommend the Devil’s Tongue, a ginger schnapps with a firey kick to it. We bought the Pear William Schnapps and made an après ski cocktail that was just perfect after a hard day of rolling giant snow balls. Seriously. Huge!

Crackenback Farm

On our third night, I cooked to say thanks but we left plenty of room to enjoy dessert and a glass of sticky! We booked in at Crackenback Farm on our way back down the mountain and the staff were happy to accommodate our request to be seated by the fire. The food and wine was stupendous, as is the service! Can’t recommend this place enough!



Dead Horse Gap

Here’s where the magic happens! We went up the mountain 3 days in a row, though the first 2 were spent right here for snow ball fights and snowboarding. To check it out, you’ll need a car (snow chains needed sometimes, so grab a set) and a national park pass. There’s pretty hefty fine for not having one!

Our lovely hosts, Nikita and Tom, had the genius idea of bringing a bbq to cook up some yummy gourmet sausages after a hard days snowboarding (or tobogganing for some of us who can’t be trusted after last winter…) while we sipped tea and hot chocolate. Can I just say, there is nothing better than a bbq in the snow! It seemed so wrong and yet so right! Check out just a few of our happy snaps below! There’s one of Sam that looks like he’s posing for snow gear catalogue…cracks me up every time!




Snowy Mountains Photo Diary

Snowy Mountains Photo Diary


Snowy Mountains Photo Diary

Snowy Mountains Photo Diary


Snowy Mountains Photo Diary

Snowy Mountains Photo Diary



Thredbo Village

The final day was just a quick breakfast in Thredbo Village before we made a big long drive back to Sydney. We originally were just going to head straight home but Nikita had checked the forecast and there was a whole lot of snow a-coming! At this point, it hadn’t really snowed much at all so everyone dressed fairly normally but Nikita and I grabbed our snow gloves and jackets as a just-in-case. Turns out we were right to do that!

If, like us, your just swinging by for some food, you can park your car and catch the free bus that loops around Thredbo continuously. Saved us (well, Tom) a very chilly 20 minute walk! We grabbed a quick but yummy breaky at Central Road 2625, threw some snow balls and then made our way back down the mountain and headed north for home.

2014-07-09 11.34.12

Snowy Mountains Photo Diary

Snowy Mountains Photo Diary

Snowy Mountains Photo Diary

Snowy Mountains Photo Diary

Got any tips for the Snowy Mountains you’d like to add? Or have you been to one of the places above? Drop us a comment below, we’d love to hear about it!

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