Simple Market Bag Spruce Up

Simple Market Bag Spruce Upfeatured

A market bag is a great thing to have by one’s side.
Perfect for the market, the beach or even sleepovers.
So why not take your ordinary market bag and make a quick couple of pom pom and tassels to spruce up your next outing. Easy Peasy.

What you need:

  • Large market bag with handles
  • 3 spools of wool in different colours
  • 2 rectangles of cardboard with the same width
  • scissors

What to do:



To make the pom poms: Lay your 2 pieces of cardboard side by side. Then, cut a 15cm piece of your wool and place it in the middle of the cardboard and place the other piece on top.



Next take the end of your wool ball and wrap your wool around the cardboard as many times as you can till you either run out of wool or until your happy wit the size of the ball of wool.


Take the two ends of the wool that you put in between the cardboard, then pull them together and tie securely (best do a double knot). Then with a pair of scissors place them between the cardboard and cut the opposite edge to the knot, cutting the wool free. Then neaten up the edges smoothing it into a round pom pom.


You can attach your pom poms by the string that holds the pom pom together or just add a little extra wool to the ends and firmly attach. You can also make some tassels to go with your pom poms (highly recommended) and if you forget how to make tassels here‘s some we prepared earlier!

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