Scrumptious herb and bloom posies you can eat!

Scrumptious herb and bloom posies you can eat!featured

Ok let’s face it, I’m the first to admit that I’ve never been much of a cook, but I have always wanted to grow my own herb garden. Without really knowing what to use them for (besides attracting insects) I recently started incorporating them into my floral arrangements, ranging from Rosemary, Mint, Dill and Sage. Besides smelling delicious each one has their own symbolic meaning which makes it all the more special.

So when writing this post about incorporating fresh herbs into your floral arrangements I thought of something even more fun. A completely organic flower and herb posy you can grow, pick, arrange and then eat after! Or if you don’t want to eat it I think it is a delightful little gift.

Now ­ before you go ahead and eat any old flowers in the garden STOP right there. You must research what flowers are edible because a majority are poisonous. And it might be wise to make sure you know they haven’t been exposed to nasty preservatives.

To get started make sure you have:

  • Shears or scissors
  • String
  • Herbs and Edible Blooms


For my edible posy I used the following:

  • Pansies ­happy thoughts
  • Rosemary remembrance and loyalty
  • Basil­ love

The lovely thing about making a herb posy is that you don’t have to be a flower master to do it. It’s as simple as this:

  1. Snip a swig of each herb and edible bloom you’d like in your arrangement.
  2. Use your creative flair, arrange the herbs to into a pretty bundle and tie it together with the piece of string. Snip the ends off evenly and on an angle so they can drink up the water
  3. Find a little vase and fresh water (ensuring no chemicals or dishwashing residue inside) to keep your arrangement.
  4. I’d recommend eating them fresh within a day of being picked. If you’re game enough you could eat the whole posy as it is, there are no guarantees here it will taste good. Or if giving as a gift it would sweet to also provide a recipe mix for each herb and bloom.



And VIOLA there you have it!


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