DIY Retro Felt Christmas Ornaments

DIY Retro Felt Christmas Ornamentsfeatured

These retro inspired ornaments are a nifty addition to your Christmas décor! The colours and shapes are reminiscent of old glass baubles but without the fear of breaking them!

You can make them from felt or any fabric scraps you have, in any colours you like!

retro felt ornaments

You’ll need…

  • Templates (download here)
  • Felt in whatever colours you like
  • A sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Rik-Rak or trim in different colours
  • Ribbon


1. Using the template pieces cut out the different template shapes from various colours of felt. Think about how you will layer them and what will look good together, what will pop out and what might suit your trees colour theme. The templates are all coded so they will fit together properly.

2. Cut two of the bottom largest pieces, 1 on the middle and 1 of the bottom


3. Once you have your pieces, take on of the bottom pieces and a length of ribbon approx. 10cm and make a loop. Stitch to the top of the bottom piece.



4. Layer the other bottom layer on top and then add the middle and top layers together – the felt will hold itself still. Stitch around the edges using a long stitch


5. Take some Rik-Rak or other trim, place it in the middle of the top layer and stitch over the top



6. Repeat, making as many as you like trying different colour combinations and layers as you go. Hang on your tree, step back and admire your work!






* You can also use glue for this project instead of a sewing machine, which will make it easy for kids to do too! Craft or fabric glue is recommended. You may need to allow a little extra drying time before hanging.

Catherine is a 60s lover from Sydney, Australia with a sewing machine and endless amounts of creative motivation! You can check out her blog, Sewing the 60s for more retro fun craft inspiration! 

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