A Prettier Instagram Feed – Part 2 – Photography

A Prettier Instagram Feed – Part 2 – Photographyfeatured

Obviously, it’s not all about the apps to make your Instagram feed look better. A huge amount of it is strong and striking imagery. So here are just a few tips that will significantly improve the quality of your photos.


I can’t emphasis this enough. SO many people don’t bother focusing their images and its super frustrating because you want to actually see the photograph’s focal point, not the toilet in the background.

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Obviously we don’t walk around with a lighting set up for our instagram photos because that would be ridiculous. Digital photography allows you to photograph in some pretty terrible lighting situations that you just shouldn’t bother with. I know I’ve been guilty of this myself, but try for natural lighting where possible, failing that switch on lights. Otherwise it tends to loose details and have too much grain. Also make sure the subject is facing the light rather than being back lit, unless you are intentionally doing it. This can change the whole tone of an image.

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Just by moving something onto a lighter background, you can instantly improve an image. And vice versa. Find contrast that allow your point of focus to stand out rather than disappear into a busy background. Again, this can be tricky but it’s something you should always check for. If the background is busy, try focusing on a detail on the foreground, creating depth of field and blurring the background.

 Image Source: Unsplash


Try a different angle or position! Don’t just shoot from the same spot. A close with a focus on a a particular detail will give your image depth of field (that’s when the background blurs but the focal point stays sharp) and can look incredibly stunning.

Image Source: Unsplash

Use the grid

This one goes back to design 101. The grid is a useful tool and can help you center a subject or allows you to create a 2:1 ratio etc. Just switch it on and you’ll soon find your images are more symmetrical and balanced.

Image Source: Super Famous

Pattern & Repetition.

Another design concept but one that you can use to make something mundane appear exciting or visually interested. Look for patterns in the simplest thing.

Image Source: Unsplash

It might feel like a lot of to think about when you’re just taking a photo on your phone on the fly, but in this day and age most people only take photos on their phone – it’s how we capture and share moments of our lives with one another. Why not make them beautiful enough to last the test of time? Create something you want to keep and print to pop in a photo frame.

That’s my two cents anyway! What do you think?

Feature Image Source: Unsplash

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