PedestrianTV Blogster Awards Wrap Up

PedestrianTV Blogster Awards Wrap Upfeatured

Wow, last night was absolutely amazing! Big thanks to PedestrianTV and all the sponsors for a fun and fantastic night at Lux Studios in Surry Hills. Great food, great drinks and babe’n people!

And of course, a big thanks goes to our followers out there for following us on various social medias, reading our blog and just generally being supportive and awesome people. Love you all! Seriously, you have no idea how much it means to us every time we see a notification for a new follower.

We didn’t win and honestly didn’t expect it but considering we’ve only been around for about 6 months, it just felt so good to have some notice what we are doing. It makes all the weekend craft sessions, drives runs to Spotlight, last minute typo checks and photographing every meal just in case, worth while. I can’t tell you how many dinners I’ve made where I’ve had to tell Sam not to touch it until I was finished photographing…and while the food goes cold! So yeh, taking things offline and mingling with fellow bloggers was amazing! You can check out all the winner-winner-chicken-dinners here.

The best part for me was that my top arrived literally that afternoon at 4.30pm… it was a pretty close call! I really didn’t want to have to just wear a bra! *blush*


Thanks for all the love out there! We are chuffed to be attending our first ever #blogsterawards event as nominees!! Your support means the world to us bally-nosed gals!! #blogger #diy #craft #vscocam #maltese4lyf

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Our dates for this evening. They scrub alright even if @samuelmealing looks like a handsome lunatic… #blogsterawards #vscocam #bloggers #beards #suitup

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So our little blog @themakerssociety got nominated for a #blogsterawards – it’s cliche but it really is awesome just to be nominated! Woo!! #makerssociety #sydney #vscocam #bloggers

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Side note: how hot are our dates? They scrub up alright! You can check out some of the pics from the night here.

We’ve got exciting stuff on the horizon and we dream big so be sure to check back in the coming weeks!

Thanks and love to you all,
Leesa & Erin xx

Feature image sourced from PedestrianTV

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