The Non-Florist Guide to The Sydney Flower Marketsfeatured


If you love flowers and you’re yet to set your alarm for the wee hours of the morn to venture to the flower markets then today is the day you set that bad boy to 5am, grab a coffee and get ready to bag some floral beauties.
As we are based in Sydney, this guide is based on our experiences at Syndey Flower Markets at Flemington. But a lot of the tips would be great to keep in mind for flower markets worldwide.

Some of the best tips I wish I knew when I first went to the the flower markets:

  • I pay cash now! I cannot stress enough to take cash with you. There are ATM’s at the markets but they usually charge a fee to withdrawl cash. Try to take lobsters ($20 notes), all the stall holders are so friendly but are even more appreciative if you are buying small amounts of flowers and have small denominations.


  • Rise and Shine! If you really want to get some really great blooms get there early. Buyers of any ilk are welcome from Monday to Saturday from 5am (for an $10 entry fee). Fridays are generally the main buying day for florists, as Saturday is their busiest day. So get in early if you’re planning on arriving at a similar time, as stalls usually shut up shop around 10am. Saturdays are generally considered “tourist days” so its generally quieter as sometimes vendors don’t even bother with Saturdays if they have sold all their produce on fridays.


  • Do a Lap. And by lap I mean if you’re not in a rush, walk up and down the main isle of the markets to get a feel for the prices and what’s in season. You might go there thinking “Today’s the day I buy ALL THE PEONIES” only to find out that
    1. All the smart florists have nabbed them or
    2. They are mostly all spent flowers and you might as well throw that money in the bin.
  • Take a buddy. One of the best ways to get a good variety of flowers without spending a fortune if you just want a bunch of flowers to brighten your day is to go to the markets with a buddy. Sometimes the growers will have special bunches often 3 for $10 but all of the same flower. So if you can split the cost of the flowers you will end up with a great variety of flowers but for way less precious clams.


  • BBW! Basket + Bucket + Water. It might just be the nanna in me but I like to take my favourite basket with me to carry my flowers in so I’m not fumbling for my cash/keys/coffee/wallet. So then when I’m ready to leave I have my plastic bucket buckled up safely ready and waiting in the passenger seat. I also like to have a bottle of water handy in my car to, to empty into the bucket keep my flowers fresh for the drive home.

Look out for Part 2 as we give you the low down on what to do when you get home from the flower markets.
From cutting and stripping stems to power napping, we’ve got you covered!

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