The Non-Florist Guide to the Sydney Flower Markets – Part 2

The Non-Florist Guide to the Sydney Flower Markets – Part 2featured

Hello my precious blueberries!
I hope ya’ll went to the flower markets and came home with arms full of blooms. If you did, congratulations you have unlocked the flower markets challenge and now have levelled up to master status.
Now! What to do with your flowers. These are my tips on what to do with your beauties once you’re home and ready to arrange.


Water! If you didn’t take a bucket and water with your to the markets as SOON as you get home, get all your pretties in a bucket full of water asap! Its probably a good time to go make a cup tea and have a power nap if you have the time available to you, so you flowers can soak up some of the water before you pull them out again to start arranging.


Hold It! It’s probably just me but I have A LOT of vases/jars/pots/cans/vessels at home to choose from to put my flowers in but I know a lot of people aren’t as weird as I am and like a regular person just have 1 vase and maybe a mason jar. I suggest choosing your vessel as a great starting point when prepping your flowers so you know what you have to work with in the end. Make sure you vessel is clean, and I mean CLEAN. Wash your vase with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly and if you have a little bleach swish that around and then rinse it out. That will kill and bacteria that might be lurking.


Lay it out. If you have taken my advice and buddied up with a friend to get a good array of flowers (All of the above cost $30!) then you might be getting a little overwhelmed with all the bunches you’ve come home with. If this is the case I like to, once all my bunches are clean lay them out on a flat surface, sometimes on the floor and LOOK at whats I gots. I then seperate each different variety of flower, sometimes in order of colour and sometimes in order size and length. Either way it’s a great way of looking at them in a strategic manner so you can work your way through your haul without being overwhelmed.


Strip! Ok, once you’ve napped and made your breakfast its time to look at your flowers up close! Take your flowers one bunch at a time and look at the stems and see if any of them need their lower leaves stripped. Some flowers do and some flowers don’t. E.g Tulips usually come nice and clean as they are cut off at the bulb by the growers so most of them don’t need any of their outer leaves taken off, though Dahlia’s on the other hand usually have quite a few lower leaves that need to be taken off so they don’t funk up the water. Bacteria is the main cause of flowers to die quicker so taking off all the leaves that will sit below the waterline is the first step to getting longer lasting, fresher flowers. Once all of your stems are nice and clean pop them back in the water and move onto the rest of your flowers if you’ve bought more than 1 bunch.

Bunchin’ time. Now its time to start arranging. Now if you haven’t taken a flower arranging course ( We’re running one on Saturday!) you might be like “Where do I even start?” The fact is, there is no right or wrong way to arrange a bunch of flowers. Everyone’s style is different. Personally i’m all over the shop, sometimes I like to make small tight bunches of flowers and put them all over my apartment, and sometimes I’ll just chuck them in a giant vessel and be satisfied with the notion of ‘where ever they fall’ look. Go with what works for you and also for what flowers you have. If you don’t like what you’ve put together, drop it like it hawt and start again. I think sometimes people are a little safe around flowers and they can be very forgiving and can often be used to help one another by propping a delicate flower up with a more sturdy more robust flower. Don’t be too precious about it, have fun and go WILD!

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