Movie of the week: The Kings of Summer

Movie of the week: The Kings of Summerfeatured

Ok I’m going to say it! My Favourite movie of 2013!

Big call I know, but I loved everything about this movie. The storyline, the characters, the soundtrack, the cast, the locations, the humour (Nick Offerman with twin hand swords)… just all of it! ALL . OF . IT

So the main storyline of this movie as about 3 typical teenage boys with the same thoughts and problems as every other teenage boy; girls/school/drinking/family/friends. But these 3 street youths with the forethought of the ringleader of Jo come up with the idea to ‘run away’ from to escape their parents (I use the term ‘run away’ loosely as my only frame of reference to ‘running away’ is my adolescent self’s attempt to put a singlet and a pair of clean underwear into a backpack as my version of running away)  into the woods for a summer, or what seems like a summer.

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Here is what I like the most about this movie, is they actually DO IT! There’s no amusing plot points to foil their plans of living in the alone together in the forest/woods nor is there any wild thought out shenanigans, they just DO IT! Living off the land (kinda) and having fun doing it, and quite successfully I might add, well at least for a while.

I really don’t want to spoil to many things about what unfolds in the woods but I will say it involves a snake and some unrequited love, but The Kings of Summer is a really great movie about some kids that just want to get away from it all and want to be KINGS OF SUMMER, even if it is just for a couple of weeks.

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I also want to add The Kings of Summer website is really awesome and this is what all movies to aim for, then hit that shuttlecock over the net to win the game!

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