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MOTW- drinking buddies

Hey Guys,
So, I’m introducing a new column to the blog today and its something I can get quite passionate about so bare with.
Now, for those who know me, will know that I go to the movies  A LOT, probably about once a week. But I also like watching a lot of movies and documentaries at home. I really don’t watch a lot of TV TV, like with ads as I mostly download (shhh) my tv shows and up until last week I didn’t even own a tv so movies we’re my go to source of entertainment aside for youTube videos of Jimmy Fallon hashtags (Oh, I really love Jimmy Fallon too!)
So, without further ado I’d like to start off today with Movie of the Week. This column will recommend new and old movies, documentaries, mockumentaries and everything in between.

So, the first Movie of the Week is: Drinking Buddies.

Firstly, this movie had NO script! I know… WTF?!
Ok, leme explain

I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for a while now and it must have had a really limited release in Australia cause I of course missed it. So I acquired a copy over the weekend and its weird but one of my favourite things to do when I watch a movie at home is IMDB it. I know I’m the blurst but I really like to read the trivia parts of each movie I watch and most of the time they have boring stuff like “Jennifer Aniston plays the same character in EVERY movie EVER!” (no really she does!) but this time a trivia fact actually had something that completely changed my movie viewing experience.
So the movie’s dialogue was improvised by the actors! They were given major plot points and the actors got to choose their character name but other than that is was completely improvised. Knowing this fact really changed how I looked at each scene knowing that they we’re essentially making it up and of course they’re not otherwise it would be a terrible movie but I especially like what Olivia Wilde & Anna Kendrick did with their characters.

Secondly, it’s also just a really good effing movie.

I won’t go into a super long boring synopsis but the story is basically about two co-workers at a craft brewery, who struggle with romantic feelings for one another despite both being in a relationship with someone else.


Drinking Buddies is a really great movie if you’re just looking for chilled out sunday movie. It does get a bit hairy in the middle but it has a really nice ending that’s really just about male/female friendship.

I’ll have another movie for you guys next week and I have a feeling we may be going to France (wink)

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