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mixtape 10

Well, I’m calling it! Winter has come early but I’m still grasping to any sign of sunshine in my day to day. From standing in my bed socks in the little patch of sunlight on my apartment floor to savouring the warmth of my car that had been sitting in the sun all day before I drive home. This week’s mix is all about light, bright and sunshine. Oh and don’t worry the hit classic (our version of hit classic may differ) Steal my Sunshine by LEN is in there so don’t fret and let the sun shine in!

Oh and p.s I just really like the last song ;)

  1. My Brightside – The Killers
  2. Brighter than Sunshine - Aqualung
  3. Sunshine – Little Dragon
  4. April Sun in Cuba – Dragon
  5. Steal my Sunshine – LEN
  6. Lightning Bolt – Jake Bug
  7. Yellow Light – Of Monsters and Men
  8. Leave a light on – Jae Laffer
  9. Leave before the Lights come on – The Arctic Monkeys
  10. Let the Sun Shine in – The Peddlers
  11. Why does it always rain on me – Travis

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