Mini Project: Ombre Watercolour Wall Art

Mini Project: Ombre Watercolour Wall Artfeatured

I must admit, whenever I hear the words water colours I can’t help but think about this.That aside, this is a super quick project, one that you can do even if you are person lacking in the artistic department with just a couple of water colours and paint brushes and can freshen up your walls!

What You’ll Need


  • Water colour paints
  • Paint brushes
  • A few sheets of A4 watercolour paper (or bigger, depending on your frame)
  • 2 x Picture Frames
  • 2 small cups of water

What to Do

I really don’t think this is a complicated process that requires many, if any, steps but I will say do this somewhere where it won’t matter if you get a little messy or spill paint…unless you’re not a klutz like me.

Ombre Watercolour Wall Art

Ombre Watercolour Wall Art

First off, squeeze a little of your first colour on to some cardboard or another piece of watercolour paper. I dipped my brush initially with just enough water to spread the paint without it thinning out too much. Do a nice broad stroke across the bottom of the page – this is where you want it darkest.


Leaving a little room on each side, repeat back and forth and then slowly work your way down the page. The idea is to thin out the paint as you go, so you can add a little more water each time. Have a practice run if you need to – I had a pad of watercolour paper I picked up at Kmart for about $5! It’s easy to add more paint to darken the end than it is to lighten the top, so keep that in mind as you are working your way down the page.

Leave it dry and make your second one! Once they are both dry you can pop them in the frame – I grabbed these frames from Ikea for  $14.99. I have the left painting going light to dark and the right going dark to light but you can style and position as you like. If you wanted to expand on it you could even do some nice hand lettering on them once they’re dry!


Ombre Watercolour Wall Art

Ombre Watercolour Wall Art

Ombre-water-colour-wall-art-4 Ombre-water-colour-wall-art-5

As always, we love seeing your results and ideas so please leave us a comment below!

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