Wishlist: the Homebody

Wishlist: the Homebodyfeatured

To help you out with the Christmas shopping, we’ve put together a series of wishlists for a few different ‘types’ of people. We’re kicking it off with the Homebody. You know the type, they prefer to sit at home with a good book (or tv series), a cup of tea and be left to their own devices, pottering around in their pjs. And if you are exactly that type, well you can just conveniently share this list with your loved ones and state your demands!


Shop For The Homebody

1. Falcon Enamel Tea pot – available from Kitchenware Direct $27.95
2. Organic Immune Booster tea - 70g in apothecary glass jar, TTotaler Tea $31.00
3. Marble & Wood Book End - French Knot $49.95
4. Geometric Oven Mit - Arro Homewares $9.95
5. Yes Please by Amy Poehler – Amazon $17.39
6. Honey Server – The Assembly Home $8.00
7. Boris Pot Planter – Milk & Sugar $24.95
8. Handweave Loom Kit – Typo $29.95

See you in a few days for our next gift guide!


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