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Tomorrow is the day we commemorate and honour the fallen soldiers of WWI and WWII for ANZAC Day.
So today we have a simple paper poppy tutorial for you to make.

Red Crepe Paper
Black Tissue Paper
18 gauge Florist wire
Florist tape
PVA glue

Cut a 15cm x 3cm strip of black tissue paper and cut vertically 2cm up the strip to create a frayed edge. This will create the stamens of the poppy.


Next, cut 2 10cm x 10cm squares of black tissue paper and scrunch 1 into a tight ball.


Then take your paper ball and stick one end of your wire into the middle of the paper, then with the other square of paper wrap it over the top of the ball and wrap around the wire securing with glue and tape.


Take the cut piece of black tissue paper and with the un-cut edge at the base of the stem wrap around the wire adding small amounts of glue as you wrap. You should end up with something like the pictures below.




Now for the petals. I find it easiest to cut out the petals all at once by folding the red crepe paper over on itself, then either drawing on the paper the shape I want the petals or to just simple freestyle it, that way getting a nice natural shape.


Once you’ve cut out your petals, separate them individually and tease each petal’s edges between your fingers to create a more 3D effect to the petal edges.

paper_poppies_petals-2 paper_poppies_petals-3

Now, take 1 petal and the wrapped bud/stamen and wrap the base edge of the petals one by one to the base of the stem. You can either glue on each petal, But I find it to get really messy, so I like wrap each petal around the wire with tape and then glueing it all in place at the end once all the petals are on.





That’s It!, Now feel free to pin them on your person or just make a few and keep them in a vase as they will most assuredly last forever. If you would like to make a donation to the ANZAC Appeal or to find out more information about services near you you can find out here.


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