Make a Fiesta Inspired Christmas Wreath!

Make a Fiesta Inspired Christmas Wreath!featured

If you know me then you know that I love anything Mexican – the country, the culture, the colour, Frida Kahlo and the food! And I love the festive season.. and family time.

This wreath was super quick to make and using fresh materials from the garden. Perfect for a summery Christmas wreathe to hang on the front door.


What I used:

  • monkey vine wreath from Sydney Flower Markets (recycled from a wreath I made previously)
  • florist wires
  • clippers
  • gold bullion wire
  • freshly picked bright pink bougainvillea and hydrangea from the garden
  • old dried sticks
  • collected sea shells
  • gold spray paint

Step 1

Once you have collected all of your materials the first step was to spray your dried sticks with the gold spray paint (making sure you wear a mask). This gives them time to dry.

Step 2

As the bougainvillea and hydrangea won’t last too long this should be made as close as possible to your fiesta. So to make it as easy as possible I just created one big bunch of the bougainvillea and bound it together with the florist wire. The best way to bind it is twisting the wire together (not tying it) like you would a garbage bag tie. Just make sure the bundle is secure and not going to fall apart.

I then used the same method to secure it onto the wreath in the design that I wanted to start creating.


Step 3

Once your sticks are dry you can then use the same wiring method to attach them onto your wreath, I created a fan like shape with my materials making it slightly wild in structure.

Step 4

As the hydrangea is your big focal flower your going to use this right in the centre of your design which will also disguise your mechanics (where you have wired onto your wreath). As the hydrangea is quite a heavy flower you will need to pierce two wires through the stem (cut the flower stem short) so they are crossing over each other. and then secure it right into the middle twisted the wires as you have done so far.

Step 5

I wanted to add some hanging shells off my wreath to create something interesting so using the gold bullion wire I threaded it through the shells and hung them from the wreath again using the same twisting method of the wire.


Step 6

Using any type of ribbon or material tie this around the top so you can hang your wreath, I used some bright yarns I had lying around.. ALSO make sure you give your florals a good spray with water to keep them as fresh as possible for your FIESTA!



Feliz Navidad!! (Merry Christmas!) Go get creative and make your own interpretation of this summery Christmas wreath!

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