The one where we make a giant granny square rug!featured

This is possibly the most simple and speedy way to crochet a blanket! It’s perfect for beginners and experienced crocheters alike. I’ve used a nice chunky wool and larger sized needle, which helps to speed things right up and is really what a part of what makes this a giant granny square rug.

I think the bulk of the work was done in one day, but I slowed down to and had four more evenings of crochet as I made my way around the last few rounds. And have been re-watching The Office all the while! So all up, using this pattern, it is possible to make it in a week.


If you’re new to crochet, the granny square is a great first project and if you’re an expert, there’s always a way to make a granny square look fresh and unique. Granny squares work at any gauge, so once you’ve mastered this, feel free to try a smaller wool and smaller hook! In this project, we are making one continuous granny square, but you can always make smaller squares and join them together for a different look altogether.


What you’ll need…

The wool I have used in this project is called Veronica from Lincraft. It’s a chunky wool that recommends a 7mm or bigger needle – I used 10mm and found it to work perfectly. This will make a blanket that is fits comfortably on a queen size bed.

  • 10mm crochet hook
  • 5 x sea green balls of wool
  • 5x fuchsia pink balls of wool
  • 7 x charcoal balls of wool

How to make it…

If you have never crocheted before, this is a great tutorial to take you through the basics. It’s clear, and the host takes you through the basics slowly. Watch now! (Update March 2015: this video used to be embedded in our post but unfortunately it no longer allows us to playback. You have to watch it on Youtube!)

Start with the sea green wool. Create your first square. Instead of chaining up, change colour to fuchsia and go around the square once.

When this layer is finished, switch to the charcoal wool. Go around the square 3 times. Level up, switching to sea green for one round, then to fuchsia for one round.

Now we switch back to grey for 3, 2  rows of sea green, 2 rows of fuchsia and repeat this set 4 times, but on the final only go around once with the fuchsia.

If you want to keep going and make it even bigger, by all means do! And feel free to change up the colour and pattern, this is just what I did but you can basically do what ever you want when it comes to crochet! There are no hard and fast rules with this project.



If you do make one, we’d love to see your progress, so please share it in the comments sections below or give us a shoutout on Instagram so we can take a peek!!

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