Makin’ Photoshop Actions!

Makin’ Photoshop Actions!featured

Ok kiddies, for today’s class, I’ve put together a quick tutorial for making your own actions in Photoshop. It’s really easy and speaking from experience can save a whole lot of time if you are batch editing photos. Actions have saved my butt at work a few times processing mass quantities of images that needed deep etching and what not.

I’ll keep it fairly simple, but keep in mind you can get fairly elaborate with them when needed. I’m assuming in this tutorial you’ve got a basic understanding of Photoshop, so if you are completely new to Photoshop you might need some help in the editing stages.

How to Make Your Own Actions

  1. Start with an your image open in Photoshop. Now open up the Actions panel (F9 Windows, Option + F9 Mac OS).
  2. Create a new folder by clicking the Folder icon in the Actions panel – two left from the Delete icon. This is where your set of actions live!
  3. To create your first action click the Create New Action icon – on the left of the Delete icon. You’ll get this prompt where you can name it! Be warned, it will start recording your actions from now on, but don’t worry you can delete elements with the actions.How-to-make-photoshop-actions
  4. Now as you create your actions the little red record button should be on – this little guy is located second from the right. Just like with a camera, if it is not recording, it’s grey (like the image above). For my set of actions, I didn’t want the image to be affected directly so I used the editing tools located at the Layers palette (F7 on both PC & Mac) – 4th from the left, a little circle half black / half white.
  5. Create your edits as you like – whether it be directly to the image or on top like me. In my edit I’ve used Brightness tool (set to 24 and Contrast set to 8) and Curves (set to very slight S shape – see image below for specs), with an layer of white at 10% opacity and overlay set to Hard Light.
  6. Once the actions are finished, hit the stop button located on the left of the record button. Ta dah! You’ve got yourself an action!! So let’s give it a whirl!
    Theses are the 3 actions I created, the first is the one I’ve shown you how to create yourself.How-to-make-photoshop-actions-3

You can download the collection right here.

To install them, using the Actions panel, click on the top right icon to show the drop down menu and find Load Actions. From here locate the folder containing our set of actions! And press the Play button when you’ve found the image you want to try it on!

Enjoy and let us know how you go in the comments section below.

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