Let’s Make an Infinity Scarf!

Let’s Make an Infinity Scarf!featured

Said Erin. It will be easy, said Leesa. So I did it, I took up the challenge and the knitting needles and whipped up this bad boy! I can’t recall exactly the amount of time it took but the trick was to leave it in near by the lounge and pick it up every time we sat down at night to watch Game of Thrones and the like. Within a few weeks, she was done! And here’s how I did it using circular knitting needles – it’s a really easy project, and beginners can total handle it. I believe you can do it with regular knitting needles but this was fun because I personally had never worked with them before and was for trying something new. Now, I’m one of those people who learnt to knit when they were 10, so I can’t remember the right terminology to explain what I’m doing to newbies – I’ve provided some really good video and instruction links for specific section to help!

What you’ll need…

  • 3 – 4 balls of wool (about 10 ply) - if you want to use a different ply wool, this chart is handy to figure out how many stitches you’ll need to cast on.
  • 4.5 – 5.5mm circular knitting needles (Spotlight or online)
  • Time!

How to make an infinity scarf with circular needles

1. Cast on by creating a slip knot and slide on. You create your initial switches in the opposite hand to which you will work. If you’ve never cast on or made stitches, this video is great at explaining and demonstrating clearly what to do. You’ll need about 166.

2. Close the loop – you can use a safety pin or marker to indicate where the end of the row is, but make sure all your stitches are at the same angle before you close the loop.

3. Once you’ve made stitches, turn your work around and begin knitting the first row. I’ve used the basic knit stitch - again, if you don’t know a basic stitch, here’s a great break down of what you need to do. It’s very easy to master, just remember to keep your stitches facing the same way around the loop and your tension consistent.

4. You need to stitch around 32 rows or until you are happy with the thickness – feel free to add more or less. Keep moving your marker up each row as you work so you can find the end of the row easily. When you’re happy with the thickness of your scarf, finish the row you are on but allow enough wool for one final row. Now we begin to knit off the loop – if you’ve knitted before, this is the same as casting off regular needles. I used the basic method explained in the first part of this video.

5. Wear it! You’re all done, so it’s time to get cosy in your infinity scarf! Here’s a few sneaky pictures of the one I made – thanks to the hubby for his photography work (as always!). Isn’t he a good boy?!

make an infinity scarf

make an infinity scarf

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