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Hey there!
I’m Libby and the peeps at Makers have asked me to come up with an easter DIY, and when I think of Easter I think of Hot Cross Buns! So I made a cute little Cross stitch pattern for you guys to download for FREEE!


20cm x 20cm piece of 14 count Adia
Medium adjustable embroidery hoop
Embroidery scissors
Embroidery needle
Threads: Anchor  365 or DMC 435
Anchor  360 or DMC 898
Anchor  298 or DMC 972
Anchor  231 or DMC 453
Anchor  159 or DMC 827
Anchor or DMC white

Here is the link for the printable instructions, now get stitching!

I also thought it might be nice to include a few little tips when cross stitching

• Wash those mittens before you start – butter is fo’ IRL Hot Cross Buns, not Cross-Stitch Buns!
• Unsure on where to start? There are loads of online How-to videos to give you extra hints!
• Find the centre of your piece count your stitches from there before you begin. This will make sure you have plenty of room, and don’t forget to leave a bit of extra room around the edge for framing.
• Keep it neat! When you cross those stitches, make sure the top stitch is in the same direction as the other colours you have already done.
• To stop the edges of your chosen canvas fraying while you work, put a little masking tape around the edges. You can take this off before you frame it.
• Finding it hard to work while your fabric flops all over the place? An embroidery hoop can solve all your problems! And when you’re done, can even double as a super-duper frame!


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