Hexagon Colour Block Cushion

Hexagon Colour Block Cushionfeatured

If there’s one thing any abode needs it an abundance of cushions and my apartment is no exception.
So here is another to throw on the pile!


What you’ll need

This template
• 6 30cm x 30cm squares of different fabric + 40cm x 40cm square of backing fabric
• A large button, this can be any size you like but I would recommend a diameter of at lease 2cm
• A bag of stuffing or Hobby Fill, how much you use will depend on how ahhh plump (the only way I could think to describe it) you want your cushion to be
• Sewing thread + needle
• Sewing machine threaded with a light coloured thread
• Fabic scissors
• Fabric pins
• Pencil or fabric marker

What to do:

Print your template onto an A4 piece of paper and cut it out.
With each colour of fabric place the template on top of the fabric and pin it down to stop it moving.

Then lightly trace around the template, this will be your guide when sewing. With your fabric scissors, cut your fabric around 1cm from the template markings, this will be your seam allowance.cushion-cuttingOnce you’ve cut out all 6 pieces (you’ll cut the backing out once you’ve sewing the front of the cushion together) take 2 pieces, and with right sides together pin along one side of your triangle.cushion-fabricNote: Pin your first pin at the point of one triangle and then turn it over in your hands to line it up to pin in it at the point of the other triangle.cushion-pinningOnce pinned, place under the sewing foot carefully lining up with the point of the needle and I like to manually move the needle down directly onto the point of the triangle so it doesn’t move. Carefully sew down the edge keeping as straight as possible and slowing down at each end to try and stop exactly at the end of your marked edge.

You can then grab the next piece of fabric and do the same as the first, aligning the points carefully so that each point match in the centre. Doing this will result in a nice neat point in the centre.cushion-sewingOnce you’ve sewn all 6 pieces together you’ll see you now have a nice hexagon making the front of your cushion! Ta Da!
Now is a good time to press your seam allowances flat and give the front of your cushion a nice press.OK, now take he piece of fabric reserved for the back of your cushion and place in on a flat surface right side up (make sure it IS right side up, I learnt this the hard way and had to unpick the whole darn thing!) Then place the front of the cushion right side down. You can then pin the 2 pieces together all the way around leaving a gap in your pinning, so you can turn it right side out.

cushion-backingOnce pinned, cut the back out leaving a 1cm for your seam allowance. Then start sewin’

Starting at the point of one triangle sewing the edges together and slowing down at each point and stopping at the join of 2 pieces, with the needle down lift the feed dog up and spin your fabric sew you can sew in a straight line, this helps to make nice sharp points at each join.

cushion-gapNow that you’ve sewn all the way around (remember to leave a gap) it’s a good idea to trim each corner point to get a neat edge. Turning the cushion right side out, with your finger or a pair of blunt scissors get right into each corner and push it out to get a sharp point.

Now, get to a stuffin’!
How much much stuffing you need is up to you, but keep in mind you’ll be threading thread through the centre so try not to stuff it too full.
Once you’re happy with the stuffing, neatly pin the gap closed folding the raw edge inwards.
Thread a sewing needle and neatly sew the gap closed. Then re-thread the needle with a strong thread or double or even triple loop your thread to make it strong. Then threading through the centre of the cushion and through to the other side attach the button and repeat threading through the cushion a couple of times to make it secure.


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