Getting Crafty With It : DIY Planters

Getting Crafty With It : DIY Plantersfeatured


Got a bit of a green thumb? Or is it slightly yellow?
Are you a bit crafty? Or does that come for your dad’s side of the family?

Well if you just a little bit handy and would like to spruce up your room/kitchen/tardis/apartment with these awesome succulent planters then please follow me as I show you how easy it is to make boring terracotta pots into a talking point for your mantle (oh you don’t live in Downton Abbey? Ok fine, your window sill is an equally adequate spot to house your planters)



A couple of terracotta pots or planters (potato/potata)
Masking Tape
Spray paint: I chose a flat white (no shiny T-Zones here thanks!) and GOLD, cause who doesn’t love gold?!
Succulents: I chose succulents cause they are super easy to look after and don’t need a whole lotta lovin’.



1: Have all your materials ready to go so you’re not jumping all over the place. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area if you’re using spray paint, outside is best. (If you are going to spray paint onto grass be a nice human and pop down a drop sheet or some cardboard over the grass so your landlord/grass doesn’t go toes up).
2: Using the white spray paint, spray your pots with a nice even coating of white and then reading the instructions for your paint leave it to dry for the nominated drying time. Mine was 30 mins so I made a cuppa and watched an ep of Parks & Rec.
3:  Once your white base coat is dry, check to see you haven’t missed any areas and depending on how well your paint has covered the pots you may want to give them another coat. But if your happy with the base coat tear off some strips of masking tape and tape the areas you want to keep white, then get ready to spray on your GOLD!
4: Again wait for you little pretties to dry completely before you take off the making tape.
5: Once everything is dry, its time to add your pretties. Take your succulents out of the plastic container they come in and depending on the size of your pots you may need to brush off a little of the excess soil so it will fit your pot. Its also a good idea to give your succulents a little soak in some water before planting them to give them a good head start in their new home.



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