Garden Inspired Dinner Party Floral Arrangement

Garden Inspired Dinner Party Floral Arrangementfeatured

Have a Spring dinner party coming up? Want to learn how to create a wild garden inspired arrangement in a vessel that is sustainable and environmentally friendly? Then here we go…

So I must say I’m a florist that isn’t a massive fan of green floral foam… Firstly when it’s broken up the stuff gets all up in your nose and who knows what sought of nasty chemicals you are breathing in. Secondly it doesn’t really break down once it’s in the ground so we don’t want too much of that stuff going into the garbage.

I will use it minimally at times to create certain designs for my clients however if there is an alternate option I will chose the environmentally friendly way!

You’ll need…


  • vessel, something recycled lying around the house that is waterproof (not glass though as you don’t want to see your mechanics)
  • chicken wire
  • floral shears, scissors/wire cutters, floral tape
  • Ikebana floral frog and floral putty glue (optional)
  • flowers: look for different textures, choose some different bunches of greenery, flowers – try and work in a monochromatic colour (same colour different tones) which will make your design tie in well together of you’re not much of a colour wiz, some berries or fruit like oranges, cumquats, pears are always fun!


1. Prep all of your flowers by stripping any excess foliage off the stems that will sit in the water, cut stems on an angle and make sure they’ve had a good drink of water.


2. Using your recycled vessel stick the ikebana frog in the middle with your floral glue (this step is optional)


3. Roughly measure how much chicken wire you need and cut to size. This should basically roll up on itself inside the vessel to help support the flower placements.


4. Stick floral tape over the vessel to create a grid that will hold in the wire and also add extra support to the flowers. Then fill the vessel up with water!


5. Lay out your materials next to each other so you can have a think about what you are using.


6. Start a framework of your design by adding in some structured greenery or something you feel that will help on creating your shape. Try and cross your stems over in the vessel for support and to make it easy to place flowers.


7. After you have your shape and height you are going for start adding your ‘hero’ flowers for example big garden roses thinking about where your focal point will be in your design.


8. The you want to start adding in your other ‘complimentary’ flowers. I try not to use too many of the same materials for garden style, but at the same time you don’t want to overcrowd so your flowers get lost. Also think about the placements and follow the lines of the flower stems and think about how you can create space in your design without having holes.


8. Once you have your flowers in starting adding other bits and pieces like your berries, fruit, some more greenery etc. to fill in the spaces. Move around the arrangement to check it isn’t sitting flat and there are no gaps where you can see your mechanics.

9. Remember it’s garden inspired so it should be loosely structured and natural!! I also make my arrangements asymmetrical – nature isn’t perfect!

10. Style your arrangement on your dining table with some candle votives and it will add so much loveliness!




How did your floral arrangement go? What types of flowers did you use? We love to hear how you go with projects or even see it, so feel free to tag us on Instagram or leave a link below!

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