Galentines Day – Simple Bouquet

Galentines Day – Simple Bouquetfeatured

If you’re like us and think Valentines Day is just a good excuse to eat chocolates and watch Romy & Michelle’s High School reunion 5 times in a row then maybe you are really celebrating Galentines day.
This week and next we’ll have not only some fab DIY’s and inspo for your Galentines festivities but we’ll be featuring one of our favourite flowers the Carnation.

So, Galentines is all about hanging with your best gal pals, so why not invite some of your best gal pals over and make some of these great gifts and DIY’s to share with them.
So first up here’s an idea that you could make with your friends or if you’re a super friend maybe even have a small bouquet ready for your galpals as they arrive (if you decide to do the latter, please invite me!)



What you’ll need:

  • 15-20 stems of varying colour flowers, these don’t have to be carnations (we’re just tryna bring them back, along with slap bands and hypercolour shirts) but roses or any long stemmed flower with a smallish head would work great.
  • Brown paper or contrasting material, something that will stand out against the colour of the green stems and whatever you choose to tie your bouquet with.
  • String, twine, rope, wool, electrical cord (ok, maybe not), raffia, ribbon. Anything really




What to do:

  • First lay out your stems on a nice clean bench or table. Just so you can see the variety of colour or different flowers
  • One by one gather your stems in one hand adding a stem or branch at a time until you’re happy with the colour mix or variation if that is what you’re going for
  • Cut a long rectangle of brown paper or whatever contrasting material you choose, making it long enough that it will wrap around the entirety of your bouquet and wide enough that it won’t get covered up by the binding ties
  • Now, we chose to make 2 variations of ties. One, a multicolour tie which we made by taking 3 spools of different colour wool (which were similar in colour to our flower colours) and gathering them at one point then holding them together cutting them at the same length. We also chose just a plain rope variation which was simple and cute.

That’s it! Once tied up tightly, make sure your bouquets are kept in water until they are given out or reach their final destination.


And don’t forget we’ll have some more carnation and Galentines fun for you tomorrow and next week.
Are you celebrating Galentines? Are you making anything spesh? Hit us up on insta with the hashtag #makersgalentine so we can see your creations (or carnations if you will!!!)

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